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Something wicked this way comes...for me at least! It's Friday 13th!

I admit that I am amongst those people who roll their eyes when someone says "oh be careful, you know the date don't you?" as if it's a cast iron guarantee that we will all have some form of accident if we step outside the front door on this most dreaded of days!

I wrote an article a while back about this very subject, which can be found here as human nature intrigues me, and the fact that so many people out there suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobia (the fear of Friday 13th) shows the power of suggestion on the mind.

Today however, I have been forced to reassess my lack of superstition as I cannot deny that so far I seem to having some awful luck!

7.30am and I am making my way downstairs with my Daughters uniform to get her dressed in the lounge. I slip and stumble down 3 or 4 steps. Not in itself remarkable, but added to the proceeding events, it is notable. We stumble from one mini drama to the next until finally piling into the car, late (I hate being late!)

9.05am we get to school and after dropping my daughter off, my car dies. Not a flat battery, no fuel...a mystery! I call the AA and get towed home. With a 2 year old screaming that she is cold and hungry in the back seat it is to say the least, trying.

Feeling quite exhausted (and it's only 10am at this point!) I console myself with the thought of a nice hot cup of tea. I make my way to the kitchen (tripping on several toys - this however is NOT unusual!) and pick up the kettle. As I reach for the tap, and turn it on...nothing. I try it again, nothing. I test the hot tap. Nothing. Panic kicks in...."NO TEA!?" this really is too much for any normal human being to bear!

I rush to the bathroom and to my intense horror, there is no water from those taps either. So this is it. Friday 13th is trying it's hardest to break me!

After a long conversation with the water board they arrange an Engineer, I'm spitting feathers and cursing this day!

I settle down to my laptop, my first task is to log onto internet banking to check a few things. Simple enough? I do this every day, this cannot go wrong. Haha what folly!! Of COURSE IT CAN GO WRONG...IT'S FRIDAY 13TH!

I type in our password, the same password I use daily, but I get an error message. I try again, the same. My fingertips hover over the keys as I pensively type it in again knowing this is my last shot. BOOM.

"Your account has been temporarily locked"


At this point it would give me great pleasure to hurl the laptop through the lounge window, go upstairs and crawl under the duvet until this day is over, but no. I have responsibilities, I am a grown up and I can handle this.

A few deep breaths, and several chocolate digestives later and I feel once again, partially in control of my life.

I am due to test drive a new car today but I think it wise to reschedule to Saturday which should prove altogether less problematic and potentially I really becoming a friggatriskaidekaphobe???

I wonder what else is in store for my before lights out tonight...I hope need not update you.

I'd love to hear about YOUR Friday 13th disasters, or do you find it a lucky day for you? Please comment below.

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