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When Peggy met Zak Bagans

So we have finally been able to reveal that Peggy will be featured on an episode of Zak Bagans new TV show "Deadly Possessions" airing on April 16th. We went to Las Vegas in December 2015 but the plans have been in the pipeline since roughly April 2015...which means we've had to sit on this exciting news for a year which has been tricky!

The episode is set to be incredibly revealing and interesting in terms of not only understanding Peggy, but also in witnessing Zaks reactions to her. I won't spoil it but needless to say meeting Peggy did nothing to help his already quite serious fear of dolls.

The experience of travelling to Vegas in itself was a memorable, and quite surreal one, with Peggy being shipped over in advance so as not to raise too many eyebrows at thr airport (not to mention potentially risk the safety of the flight! - that was one risk I was never willing to take).

Be sure to look out for the new series (which begins on Sat 2nd April) with Peggy featuring on the 3rd episode.

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