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Paulas story - Not "just another haunted doll video"

Paula emailed us on 26th December 2016 with the following. The details she gives in relation to what she experienced are disturbingly similar to the unpublished experiences of Peggys first owner.

The following is in Paulas words, copied and pasted from her email:

Hi I feel I have to tell you about what I experienced after watching what at first I thought was just another "haunted" doll video with your doll Peggy, I have had paranormal experiences since I was a child, I wouldn't say I'm a medium or psychic but i am sensitive to things around me so I'm not sure if that makes me more likely to be affected. After watching the video almost straight away I was aware that the atmosphere in my home had changed & despite sitting next to a warm radiator I could feel a cold chill and could feel a presence as if someone was standing behind me.

I had an uneasy feeling over me for the rest of the evening & when I went to bed that's when the truly disturbing things happened.

As I lay in bed I could hear someone moving around my room and when I turned my back I could feel a cold breeze and I was terrified. Every time I started to fall asleep I was having terrible visions of a woman dressed in black with a glowing white face & black eyes, I remember dreaming & in the corner of every dream there she was. I woke during the night screaming (much to the horror of my poor husband) after this when I woke I was aware that there was a very dark presence in my bedroom standing just inside my bedroom door. I couldn't sleep all night and everytime I closed my eyes I was having just terrible visions, this lasted all night and in the morning I got dressed & left my house as I could still feel the dread and was looking over my shoulder and just wanted to get away. I have been out the house all day but still feel very anxious and am dreading tonight, I have been scared of only one "apparition" I have seen but this is different, standing in the dark is terrifying me & i'm not that kind of person.

I saw the video on a YouTube top 5 and had no idea what I was watching or the reputation of the video & was just hoping you can give me some reassurance that I'm not crazy and that this will stop. I am shocked that the video has the power to do this & I'm hoping that you can put my mind at ease, thank you - Paula L.

Obviously we have been in touch with Paula and we're pleased to say that things are now fine in her home and she no longer has a fear of her bedroom.

Hi Jayne,

Thank you for replying, the night terrors only lasted for 2 nights and I haven't had anything else since, I haven't watched any videos or read anything relating to Peggy & won't again. I genuinely didn't think It would have had any effect on me but won't be chancing it in the future. Paula L.

It is clear from Paulas email that she was very disturbed by what she believed to be an entity associated with Peggy the Doll, as do many people. In sharing her experience, we would like to assure anyone else who has been concerned or worried following a similar episode that we are here, ready to talk to anyone who feels they need our help, and while we don't 100% understand exactly what is occurring in every single case, we will take your experience seriously.

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