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Christmas at the Mansion

Sat 7th December


Jayne Harris invites you to a private Christmas experience at Nanteos Mansion
- The Mansion, Stables and Grounds will be exclusively ours for the evening -

- Masquerade Ball, Hot Buffet & Bar - 

- Games, Prizes & Raffle - 

- Paranormal Investigation inc cellar & stables - 

- Luxury private ensuite accommodation -

- Christmas gift for every guest - 



HISTORY OF Nanteos Mansion

Plas Nanteos sits directly on the site of a much earlier manor house, Neuadd Llawdden, the remains of which can still be found in the cellars below with front door and windows still intact. The flooring in this earlier house dates back to the 11th century with flagstones well worn from the steps of previous inhabitants.

The building of Nanteos began in 1739 under the direction of Thomas Powell, MP for Cardiganshire. Thomas however, died before the work was completed and the estate was left to his brother, the Reverend William Powell to complete the work in 1752. Nanteos remained a family home for the next 180 years until the last surviving Powell, Edward Powell, died in 1930. Margaret, his wife, remained in residence until her death in 1951.

Today the mansion is a luxurious country house hotel which we have hired exclusively for our group.

Ghosts of Nanteos Mansion

There are few places on earth as haunted as Nanteos warned.

Nanteos, with its long dark corridors and large imposing rooms never fails to deliver on the promise of paranormal activity. 

There are numerous ghost stories associated with the buiding, the most well-known haunting being that of Elizabeth Owen (The Blue Lady) and Reverend William Powell (a former owner). Elizabeth Owen is often seen dressed in blue gliding effortlessly down the corridors and up the staircase holding a candlestick. She never speaks or acknowledges the living but her ghost is said to be an omen of death. One notable sighting occurred during a house party in the 1930s. The blue lady was seen by a guest who died in his sleep that night. Ever since overnight guests have been warned against even discussing her. 


In the dark 60ft long cellar it is believed that seven monks lay buried. It is said that that seven monks came to Nanteos with the dissolution of the monasteries in 1539. The monks fled to Nanteos for safety bringing with them a sacred relic which is reputed to be the Holy Grail. Monk like figures have been seen wandering the grounds at Nanteos, believed to be in search of their precious relic to this day. 


In 1899 a worker by the name of David Rowlands drowned in the lake at Nanteos. The ghost of a man is often seen on the driveway, near the lake, waving his arms as if trying to shake off the freezing water. He has been seen many times by staff and visitors alike. 


In 1782 Groom William Griffiths was brutally murdered by the Head Gardener with a garden rake. Occasionally he can be seen standing in the shrubbery, as if waiting for someone.


The Stable yard at Nanteos has been a hive of activity for centuries. Unexplained voices have been heard many times in the empty stable yard. In one instance, on two consecutive nights at about 4.00am, someone staying in the stables apartment heard raised voices and loud noises in the yard below, but as soon as the listener looked out through the window, the noise abruptly stopped. A baby has also been heard crying in the stables apartment on a number of occasions and horses in the stable yard have reacted nervously to something that the horse handler couldn’t see. At a recent Summer Fete at Nanteos in 2014, a young man felt a presence of a young boy sobbing in the corner of the stable yard worried that he was going to get punished for something he had done. This spooked the young man as had never experience anything paranormal before.


On another occasion a phantom horse and carriage was heard in the courtyard at the back of the mansion. Then heavy footsteps were heard entering through the back door, and walking towards the kitchen, dragging what sounded like heavy chains.

In the early 1980s a TV company was making a production for a Welsh film company S4C. It was reported in the Western Mail that a two-day filming schedule was disrupted by ‘strange experiences’ such as doors opening and closing on their own accord. A broken musical box suddenly started playing, movement of a heavy four poster bed and it is believed that a cloaked figure disrupted a video unit sent to shoot several TV scenes here to such an extent, the crew refused to work after dark. Sian Phillips one of the actresses involved said that she would not doubt the supernatural again after spending time at Nanteos Mansion. 

Saturday evening

Arrival at the mansion is from 4pm. Upon arrival guests will check in and have a few hours to settle in and explore this magnificent building and grounds. At 6.30pm we will gather for our Masquerade Ball!

While the ball isn't formally Black Tie, you are welcome to dress up as much or as little as you like, the only dress code 'must have' is a mask! 

There will be a welcome drink, hot buffet, open bar, music, games and prizes!

At 8.30pm there will be a brief interlude to give you the chance to pop back to your hotel room and change if you wish, ahead of the investigation.

At around 9pm we will begin investigating the most active areas of the mansion and grounds. Guests will visit several highly active areas of the mansion including the cellar and old stables, now converted into accommodation but once the site of a brutal murder. We will carry out a range of activities including spirit boards, table tipping, scrying and EVP sessions. 

At the end of the investigation you will retire to your luxurious bedroom for a well earned rest.



After a good nights sleep you will be served a full Welsh breakfast with tea or coffee, before checkout at 11am.

Continental and alternative breakfast options are also available. 


Your Christmas experience includes:

in one of the mansions luxurious ensuite bedrooms

in the original dining room

with Jayne Harris and the HD Paranormal team



Places can be reserved with a £75pp deposit. Please note that bedrooms are for 2 or 3 people sharing.
Family rooms for 3 or 4 people comprise of 2 double beds or a double bed and a sofa bed. 
If booking alone you will be required to share a bedroom. If you have a friend booking separately please make us aware to ensure you're allocated a room together.  



Food is provided by the 5 star rated Nanteos Mansion catering team. There will be vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options available providing we are notified of any dietary requirements in advance. Tea and Coffee is included. The bar will also be open but guests are reminded to drink sensibly as anyone considered heavily under the influence of alcohol will not be permitted to take part in the investigation. 

Bedrooms range from suites to luxury doubles, twins and family rooms and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. There are no single rooms available. Guests booking alone are advised to let us know if there is a fellow guest they would prefer to share with. 


As detailed in our Terms & Conditions below, we always recommend that guests take out private travel insurance to cover any losses should you be unable to attend. All payments are non transferable and non refundable. 

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