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Explaining Spirit Attachment AKA Haunted Objects...

I'll start by saying that this blog post is about paranormal phenomena in relation to particular objects. I hesitate to say "haunted objects' as this can lead to all kinds of misinterpretations, however I suppose for the purposes of explanation I will.

As many of you will know, I have been studying allegedly 'haunted' objects since 1998, and after the death of my cousin in 2000 my involvement in the world of paranormal evidence seeking became heightened. These days you will hear the term "Spirit Attachment" quite frequently, especially on social media as it seems that many paranormal groups are now also catching on to this very misunderstood and little researched phenomena, and quite rightly! I've always found it much more intriguing than the idea of a haunted house.

Over the years I've reflected back over experiences which I consider to be unexplainable, and now I believe I have a slightly deeper understanding of the limitations and abilities of the universe around us, I see that many of them had a connection in some way to a physical object - not a large one like a house, but a small one. One such example comes to mind so I'll explain briefly.

When I was 13 my paternal Grandfather passed away. The previous Christmas he had given me a clock. It was unusual and I loved it, and it hung on my bedroom wall. After he passed away it would stop regularly at 11.20. To begin with I wasn't aware whether it was stopping in the morning or the evening as it was regular clock with arms, not digital. Then one night I was lying in bed and I heard the ticking stop and staring through the darkness at the hand, they were resting on 11.20pm. I changed the batteries, I moved the clock around the room nothing made a difference. It didn't happen every night, but at least once a week. A few months later I was upstairs and I heard a crash downstairs followed by a cough. The cough of my Grandfather - I was sure. He was a smoker and had a very distinctive cough. I was alone in the house, it was around 10pm and I was terrified convinced someone was in the house. I crept downstairs and spotted our cat standing in the kitchen doorway with his back arched and fur on end. He was hissing into the kitchen. I bravely walked forwards, and upon entering the kitchen realised there was no-one there. What I did find however was my Grandfathers old biscuit tin on the floor and his RAF documents scattered. The tin had been in a cupboard and there was no way it could have made its way out of there and fallen onto the floor.


I later learned that my Grandfather had passed away at 11.20pm. The clock had been a small thing potentially being manipulated in some way by an unseen force or the energy around us, to give signs of either residual energy or an interactive spirit. Maybe.

The tin again, could have been evidence that some form of residual energy or intellect was at play.

So back to spirit attachment.

When I began referring to objects with this phrase several years ago I actually meant something which has since became slightly distorted and with the recent wave in Hollywood movies devoted to the topic, I can understand why!

I receive emails every single day asking for information and advice on the subject so let me explain what I meant when I coined the phrase Spirit Attachment in relation to objects. Pre-2008 if you Googled "Spirit Attachment" all you would really find was information about demonic possession i.e.entities attaching themselves to people.

What you wouldn't get information about were objects. I recall quite vividly a meeting I attended at my Spiritualist Church in which the subject came up, and I was asked on the spot to give a talk.

As I was explaining the phenomena, and giving examples from my own experience, the phrase suddenly popped into my head, as I was trying to give a clear indication about possible reasons for objects to sometimes be affected in this way.

By "attachment" I believe the entity/spirit/energy has a non-physical, possibly emotionally or spiritual attachment to a piece. Either through prior ownership or a simple case of displacement (where energy is transferred, or absorbed by an object in the locality of a traumatic incident - think a hangman's noose and you might get the idea).

Where this has became misinterpreted over the years is in the perceived belief that by 'spirit attachment' I actually meant that a spirit can become physically ATTACHED to an object.

Let me say here and now that I believe this to be pretty much impossible. The laws of science and nature wouldn't allow it. Something non-physical, and by that I mean something with no tangible, measurable or observable mass to it, cannot, by it's very definition, be contained within, or attached to something of a physical make up (in other words something made up of molecules, something with mass).

I've said on countless occasions that you cannot purchase a "Ghost in a Jar" as much as some eBay sellers would want you to believe you can.

So when looking to research the phenomena, I feel it's important to bear this in mind. If you find yourself with an object which in some way, somehow, seems to be demonstrating unexpected, and seemingly unexplainable energy, you will never be dealing with a case of the disembodied spirit or soul of a person trapped inside.

What you may be dealing with however is one of 2 possibilities:

1. Residual energy left over following an event which caused heightened emotions to manifest (think suicide, murder etc). Residual cases can also be linked to a deep affection for an object (a wedding ring which held specific significance for someone for example, having been worn every day, could potentially have the ability to absorb and retain an element of its owners energy).

2. An intelligent, interactive spirit/essence of a person with a direct link or interest in a specific piece. Often for example, artists will say they "put their heart and soul" into a painting. They spent many hours lovingly creating a thing of beauty which they came to adore. Isn't it plausible that if we do have the ability, post death of the physical body, to 'revisit' or keep watch over something we held precious in life, that we would do so? The painting wouldn't be 'haunted' as such, but would be acting as a conductor or a magnet, provoking activity which we cannot understand.

I could ramble for at leas another 7 or 8 pages but I will leave it there.

What you have just read is obviously my own personal opinion, based on my own research and experiences.

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