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GHOST HUNT in April! Can't wait.

It's always exciting when we know we've got an investigation coming up. It's one of those feelings that never really diminishes over the years.

I've lived in Stourbridge a long time, most of my life actually, and have often been in The Talbot Hotel in the High street for a quick drink with friends. It's a building steeped in history, and has been a main stay in the town centre for centuries. Never altering particularly, handed from Landlord to Landlord, the exterior is much the same as it was when it was a private residence in the 17th century.

But this isn't a history lesson...well maybe a little bit. It suddenly dawned on me in November last year that I had never seen a flyer for a Ghost Hunt around Stourbridge, and it got me thinking. There are so many amazing places, why one earth have they not been explored? My first port of call was The Talbot, and once I explained to the manager that I'd like to investigate, what he told me excited me even more. He told me tales of tragedy and loss spanning the centuries, of suicide and secrets and I became completely enthralled with the place. I couldn't wait to have a look around. As we walked through the labrynith of corridors, across sloping landings and into some of the older rooms in the Grade II listed coaching inn, I was struck by the beauty and discreet grandour of the place. From the outside you could never imagine how large it is or how atmospheric. Possibly most impressive is the Ballroom, with it's stained glass windows depicting symbols of Freemasonry, it's large chandeliers and it's sprung dancefloor I couldn't believe this place was here, under my nose for the best part of 25 years and I never even knew it existed. Shame on me!

I decided on the spot that we simply had to not only attempt to make contact with some of the souls apparently roaming the building, but also that we needed to share this hidden gem with the world!

Which brings me to April 23rd and our event.

With the help of psychic medium Ian Griffiths and Investigator Paul Bosworth we will be looking to unravel the secrets and mysteries of The Talbot Hotel, make contact with spirits who have never been reached before and maybe even capture some evidence! We will have exclusive access to room 19 (reputedly the most haunted in the hotel, and once the Squires bedchamber), the grand ballroom, the cellars, the Windsor room...oh and our own bar too of course if you're in need of another kind of spirit!

We have some great activities planned including mirror scrying, demonstrations of mediumship, talk boards and candlelit seances.

Did you think all historic haunted buildings had been investigated already? - think again. The Talbot Hotel has never held a paranormal investigation or permitted groups access.

In 2010 a psychic medium visited and upon entering the Windsor room (once a strict Gentlemans only club) she felt she was being pushed from the room. She told the manager she saw a man leaning on a billiard table telling her to get out. She knew nothing of the places history. Upon further research they disocvered that even waitresses had to leave drinks at the door, so could it be that the spirits of the old club still do not want women in their domain? Maybe we'll find out!

Tickets are only £20 including refreshments so come and join us ont his exclusive 'NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE' Ghost Hunt!

Visit the 'Events' page for more details and to book

See you there!

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