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The New Inn, Bournheath, Bromsgrove

Saturday 17th February

6.30pm - 9pm

- pre-booking is essential - 


2 Mediums

2 Course Meal

Group Seance

Tarot Reader

A historic and haunted venue...

The 1851 census lists The New Inn as a beer-house and it hosted locals and travellers alike during the 19th century. Similar to a building society it would lend money on a mortgage basis to help villagers purchase property. 

It is most notorious for a death which occurred on the premises during a bare-knuckle fight in 1889.

A dispute between 2 men over a button. Thomas Price and Alfred Waldron began arguing and after 3 rounds Alfred fell down dead. Despite local insistence that a murder had been committed, the coroner ruled that Prices sentance be reduced to manslaughter. 

Staff and locals alike have experienced unusual activity in the pub, including a brass kettle being thrown at customers by an unseen force, the figure of a man standing by the fireplace and toilets, a female apparition wandering through the kitchen wall, fridges being switched off at the wall and chairs moving on their own in the dead of night!

Join us for an evening of messages from the other side...

The evening will begin with a platform demonstration of Mediumship by highly respected Spirit Medium Lynn Moreton.

 You will then be served your meal after which Lynn will be joined by Clairvoyant Helena Stone and both will visit your tables offering personal messages and readings to as many of you as possible.

Our Tarot Reader Tina Meaden will also be performing 121 card readings throughout the evening.

Once you finish your meal you will have the opportunity to join us for a seance during which we will attempt contact, for the very first time, with the spirits of the New Inn.

Menu Options

Choice of Main:

- Chicken & Chips

- Scampi & Chips

- Jacket Potato with

  Cheese, Beans or Coleslaw (V)

Choice of Dessert:

- Mixed Winter fruit crumble

- Ice Cream

All this, plus a 2 course meal for just




limited numbers, advance booking is essential

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