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The Victorian Workhouse

a spine chilling overnight experience


Sat 30th October 2021

8pm - 1am

(with optional sleepover)


stay overnight at  





to investigate!


Llanfyllin Union Workhouse was established following The Poor Law Amendment,1834, and opened in 1839. It was constructed to house 250 inmates, segregated by separate wings and by yards allocated to men, women, boys and girls respectively.

The Master and Matron lived in the octagonal Master’s House at the heart of the workhouse complex.  They were almost invariably man and wife.  William Jones, the first Master of the Llanfyllin Workhouse, had been a solicitor’s clerk and was a Methodist lay preacher: he was threatened with dismissal when his wife died, though after much controversy he was allowed to substitute his sister. Several Llanfyllin Masters found it difficult to cope, especially with the burden of keeping the Workhouse accounts.  Richard Edwards, formerly an innkeeper from Llanerfyl, absconded to Liverpool in 1847 after £74 was found to be unaccounted for in the provision book, and his successor Joseph Jones was soon in trouble for covering his accounts with ‘blots and erazures’ and slipping into town in the evenings for a drink.

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Despite saving many peoples lives, the workhouse was considered a prison by many, with bare walls, hard beds, and little food. Family members were split up on arrival many to never see each other again.

When it came to education however the Llanfyllin Workhouse did break this standard usually expected at such places with workhouse children out-performing the local free scholars’ school in exams. Sadly, like all other workhouses however disease was rife and when an outbreak of Erysipelas hit it began killing on average 4 people a day. This disease causes a grotesque swelling and blistering of the face before death.

Ghosts of Llanfylin

Given it's history, it's no surprise that there is plenty of paranormal activity at the workhouse, with reports ranging from flickering lights and draining batteries to disembodied footsteps and slamming doors.


On some occasions fleeting shadows have been seen followed by slamming doors and the eerie distant sound of children singing! 


It's said that the male apparition seen here is that of former Workhouse Master William Jones, who is seen pacing the corridors keeping a watchful eye...will he greet us this All Hallows Eve?



  • Welcome & history briefing.

  • Psychic Medium/Artist in attendance.

  • Opportunities to investigate 18 different areas including some usually off limits to the public.

  • Use of state of the art ghost hunting equipment including SLS and Thermal cameras, REM pods, Proximity sensors, Static meters, EMF meters and more.

  • Use of traditional divination methods including ouija boards, dowsing rods, pendulums, table tipping and more.

  • Free time to conduct your own vigils 

  • Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and snacks

  • Option to include overnight bunkhouse accommodation & breakfast





For just £20pp extra get



£25pp deposit secures your place!

Important information

The overnight accommodation is situated in the Bunkhouse. There are 20 beds (10 sets of bunks) available with shared toilet/shower/kitchen facilities. Overnight accommodation will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. To maintain COVID safe procedures breakfast will consist of individually wrapped croissants, yoghurt, fruit, cereal bars, tea and coffee. You are also welcome to bring your own. STRICTLY no drugs or alcohol onsite. 


Llanfylin Workhouse, A490, Llanfylin, SY22 5LD

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