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Your Ghost Stories

The stories you will find here are not works of fiction. They are true stories as told to us by you. 

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The day I 'met" Annabelle - Christophers Ghost Story

Some time ago during the beginnings of Peggy, no I don't believe it's related, I was in the process of posting a message to the HD fb site. I had, against my wife's protest, watched the movie, "Annabelle". I would like to take a moment to express that this really wasn't that good of a movie. In my post I started by including a picture of the real Annabelle doll enclosed in her isolation box. I was referencing a conversation that I had with my wife during the movie. Monica made the statement, "So this stupid doll is doing all of that?" I quickly explained to her, "No, the doll is just a vessel that the spirit, or demon, is attached to! The movie is actually about the attached spirit, the doll is just a doll." I included some other wise statements I'm sure. I finished my post and submitted it. At that time I realized that I had mistakenly posted it to my main thread, instead of HD. I attempted to delete the post so I could redo it on the HD page, and this is where my story actually begins...

My phone locked up with the image of Annabelle displayed. I made several attempts to back out of it without success. Being at work as luck would have it, one of my crews was dispatched to a Cardiac Arrest at a local Cancer Institute. (Just as reference, I'm a Paramedic Supervisor). Not wanting to deal with my phone at this time, I placed it back in the case and hurried on to the call.

Upon myself and the ambulance crews arrival, we find an elderly lady on the floor with CPR in progress. I spoke with the family and concluded from reports that the patient loss consciousness at home and was brought to the Cancer Institute by the family instead of calling 911. It is presumed that she was already pulseless at that time or near to it.

The Ambulance crew took over CPR and during their assessment they determined that the patient had rigor mortis set in to her jaw and fingers. I spoke with the Doctor at the Institute and we agreed that the lady had passed and efforts were futile. At this time I noticed that my phone was continuously buzzing and playing my ring tone, "Tubular Bells", at full volume. I looked at my phone to silence it, and Annabelle was still there staring back at me. I muted the tones and put my phone back into its pouch just to have it start buzzing again and start playing its melody! At this time the crew leader pipes up saying, "We have a pulse"! I had to verify this myself and sure enough there was a strong pulse. I muted my phone again.... I explained to the Doctor that we now had a pulse and we were going to take her to the Hospital, he shook his head and agreed in disbelief.

My phone continued buzzing and playing its song. I made it to my response vehicle and pulled the battery to silence my phone. I put it back together and noticed Annabelle's picture was gone... I went to the Ambulance to see if they needed anything else before they transport, they reported she loss pulses and they were transporting to the ER.

Google is full of "Buried Alive" stories that span throughout history. And like I said before, there are many scientific and medical answers to explain what happened, but still makes me wonder! And as a side note, I never found Annabelle's picture on my phone...

Strange things seem to occur when I visit HD!

Thanks for Reading,

Christopher Bearden

Two years ago when I was a fresher at Lincoln university, I lived in the on campus accommodation. It's a fairly standard boring accommodation and relatively new in terms of when it was built, basically nothing extraordinary. Anyway! Our flat was a bit of a weird one, I was the girl at uni who's boyfriend casually moved into the flat and I was very glad of it towards the end. 

I don't really remember exactly what the first thing that happened was but there was always sounds like someone was walking above our rooms (we were the top floor apartment hence why that's odd) and the sound of keys (like the old fashioned big set of keys maintenance would have had even though our flats had fob keys and a universal key so the maintenance man only ever had two keys) the sound of the front door of our flat opening and then no one coming or going etc, little things. But the weirder things I do remember! I was incredibly ill for about a week (literally couldn't get out of bed most days) and so I slept a lot and I remember waking up at 10am to a text from my flat mate asking me to be quiet as she could hear me laughing and shouting with my boyfriend having the best time of our lives. I was the middle room, she had the one next to the living room and my flat mates (let's just say, were not the most social type) wouldn't have been in the living room. She was adamant she heard me and was a little shaken by this. 

A couple of night later was November 5th and I was still so ill. It was 9pm and I could just hear the same Linkin Park songs on repeat my flat mate always listened to and the distinctive sound of her less than pleasant fake laugh. As I picked up my phone to text her and ask her to keep it down as I was so ill, I got a snapchat from her. She wasn't in her room but out watching fireworks. I swear as soon as I saw the snapchat all sounds just stopped. 

Fast forward to December 30th and everyone in the flat had gone home for Christmas. Before I go on, I must point out how no one has a key to each other's rooms. No one. I had a job and so had to commute to work over the holidays and was going to stay in the flat for one night to avoid the train. The second I opened the door into my room I felt like I'd walked into a fog and my heart sank. The posters on my wall were all off and laying on the floor (ok they could have just fallen) the bunting which had been pinned and hammered into the wall was laying on a line on my bed, my shoes were out in pairs from under my bed. And my notice board where I kept my earrings hung in pairs (clearly I'm very studious), the pairs were all jumbled up. My alarm clock was 2 meters away from where I kept it with the alarm set three hours wrong and the time set wrong too. Needless to say I turned off the lights and I left. I sat at the train station for an hour before the next train home and as the train went past the apartment (the train line runs through the uni kinda) I saw our living room light on. I immediately text all my flat mates and each said how they were in their respective home cities. 

My boyfriend came back with me when I needed to come back for good as the rest of the flat wouldn't be returning for a few weeks. I went on a night out with my friends back home and so left him in my flat alone. He swears he heard my other flat mates talking about him, walking to each other's rooms, playing music and generally slamming doors. He walked to the kitchen and saw one of their doors slightly ajar and so I text her apologising for him being there and explaining where I was. Her reply "that's ok. I'm not back until next Tuesday." So he went to recheck her door and it was locked. 

Rather than a bathroom we all had ensuite wet rooms which often wouldn't dry as the door closed and the extractor fan was permanently broken. My clever way of solving this was to hang the shower curtain over the door to keep the door from closing. This always worked. Yet on numerous nights both me and my boyfriend could hear the sounds of someone picking up the shower curtain and moving it as though the door shouldn't be open.

Every time I had a shower my boyfriend would swear he heard me talking to him and ignoring him at the same time. 

It was all very odd. Now don't get me wrong I know you're probably thinking that, university, first year.. Alcohol was probably involved. And yes I did drink and go out numerous times staying there... But most of the weirdest things happened when I was stone cold sober. I've even omitted stories from when I was intoxicated as I can't be sure they were real. 

The one thing that probably shook me up the most was meeting a second year student and discussing where I lived with them to find out they once lived in my exact flat but the room across from mine. I still think the most unnerving thing was having the same experiences I've described, being asked of me as a "have you heard the keys? Or someone walking above you? Or had things move..." Just a few weeks before I was set to move out permanently. 

The whole thing still rattles me, and though we didn't really always get along as flatmates and we rarely agreed on anything. We all agree that we more than likely did live in a haunted apartment, and that the guy in room 1 cannot hold his drink.



Car Accident Ghost - Anonymous

I was in Lexington when I saw "him". The car was about 10 feet from a cross which means an accident took place there. I saw a person standing near the cross and I looked on the ground I noticed that there was absolutely NO shadow and as we got closer to the site I noticed it was a male about in his mid 20s or early 30s and he looked blurry. I immediately figured out he was dead, he was deceased and the accident there was fatal. When we passed by him I looked back to get a better glimpse and he was gone. I got this chill when we passed him.



Jennifer Pickards Story

I would like to share my story of what happened to me during my encounter with the paranormal. 
I always knock on wood when I say " Please show me a sign that everything is going to be ok!" and that's where my story begins. 
My husband, my son age 3 and daughter age 1 and myself lived 1 1/2 miles in the woods. This was many years ago, my son is 16 now and daughter is 12. I became sick and had a few financial issues I was concerned about. One day i just said out loud, "Please show me a sign that everything will be ok!" Two days go by and my husband and myself were watching TV around 11 o'clock, that is when I believe it all began. Our microwave that we had for a while made a noise and the numbers were pushed to start the microwave at 5:00, we turn our heads to see the numbers going down, 4:59...4:58...4:57, and it keeps going. We stop it. I said, "Hmm maybe that was my sign that everything was going to be alright" I highly believed in the paranormal, and angels and spirits. So I brushed it off and we finished watching our show. 
The very next night, around the same time at night, we heard a faint knock at the front door. Mind you our closest neighbour was a mile and a half away. "Who was knocking at our door at 11 o'clock at night?" My husband gets up and opens the door and no one was there. He walked outside, all around the house, and no one was outside. Our kids were sleeping during these two events. It began happening more and more, weird noises, lights turning on and off, and then I seen it for the very first time! I was taking a shower in a stand up shower. The glass was shaded a bit white but you could still see out of the glass. I turned around to rinse my hair out and seen a man holding his hands next to his eyes looking into the she shower on the glass. (As you would look, as if you were looking into a window) I screamed so loud, I was shaking, my husband had no clue what was wrong, he came running in and i told him what happened, and i stood there with the shower door open and asked him to stand there and let me get the soap out of my hair. I was so afraid. That night went by and I wouldn't leave my husbands side. Days were going by and everything was still for a few days. We had a stereo that was hooked up to surround sound in our living room and the volume button was a huge circle you turn up or down to control the volume. Were watching TV again one night and watched the circle on the stereo move and the volume went way up. My husband yelled "Ok that's enough!!" and we watched it move back down. It would turn up while I was on the phone, or if we were outside, we could hear it inside. (I still have the same stereo to this day and it has never done it again after those events occurred) I would smell a man's cologne that was very strong at times, It would come for a few seconds and then go. So I went to look and make sure one of my little ones didn't break a bottle of my husbands cologne somewhere, but nothing. Time kept going by and again one night while we were sleeping, I woke up to use the restroom to see a shadow standing by my husbands knees on his side of the bed. I was so scared I pulled the blanket up over my eye's and prayed for whatever it was to go away. It seemed as time would go by things were becoming more of an issue, I would feel cold touches on my back and no one was there. I was so afraid during the days I would go visit my mother when my husband was working because I didn't want to be left at home alone with the kids and whatever it was at my house. I got bibles and opened a bible in each room and had it laying there and would read a verse each day. Then it seemed as time went by it was slowly beginning to stop. I had asked for whatever was there to please leave. It finally stopped and things were going back to normal and I did research on the land to see if something was wrong with the property. 
Coming across a ton of research I found out that in the back part of our marked land, a man was killed in a hunting accident. I froze and could not believe it! So to this day I say, "If you do not believe, you have not had it happen to you!" 
After 4 years I ended up having another child. He was four months old and my mother passed away. My mother believed in the paranormal very much so and was just as interested in it just as I was. My father was totally lost without her so my family moved in with my father, into the house that I grew up in and my mother passed away in. I remember having a conversation with my mom saying to her "If something happens to you, please let me know your ok." She was very sick and was on dialysis and wasn't do very well. She laughed and told me she would. She passed away on a Monday and I believe I got my first sign from her on a Wednesday. I was at the doctor's and received a ticket with the number 21 on it, that was the day she passed away. Leaving the doctors, her song was on in the car on the radio, and I came to a red light and the car in front of me had a sticker on it that said "In Memory Of Mom". Right then and there I cried and knew she was ok. What were the chances of me being behind that car at that moment? Very odd. We are living in my parent's house to this day, (My father moved into a smaller house)  and odd things started happening here. I would see a shadow walking up and down the hall, I would see a shadow in the kitchen, and see it in all the spots she would be, when she was here. My little one grew up and was 3 years old when he started to tell me he was seeing "meme" in the house. That was what my other two kid's called my mom when she was here. He didn't know who she was, he was only 4 months old when she passed. He's 8 years old now, and still see's her and tell's me what she says. He has validated things that only my mother and myself knew. So I knew my little one was seeing her. I believed it. So i tell him not to be afraid of her, she is here to visit to look after him and his brother and sister. There are many more stories I can share about my child when it comes to our house now, but I can share that at another time. I hope you enjoyed my story, I used to be afraid, but i'm much better now, I have an angel looking over my family! 



Tammi's Story  - "Regretting the Ouija"

This story takes place back when I was around 17 to 18. I am now 33 years of age. It all began with my brother Shane and his obsession with an Ouija board we owned at the time.
We bought the board more for me since I was the big Ouija freak, but somehow I ended up using it a lot less than everyone else. My mom wouldn’t even touch it, fearing something evil would happen. But my kids couldn’t keep their hands off of it. You know how teenagers are (defiant and ignorant).
My brother Shane, Sister Misty, our cousin Christy and I would sit down and play with the board. Lots of times we were acting silly, laughing as we played. I guess we figured they were fake and not much to them. I wish I had been right, but as it turns out I was more wrong than I had ever imagined.
As these little get-togethers on weekends went by, most of us became less interested in playing with the Ouija and more interested in other things. However, Shane had an obsessive thought that he wanted to investigate. He wanted to see if the board would work with only him touching the planchette. I warned him not to do it, but of course, he didn’t listen.
Shane found out after about 2 or 3 times that the board worked with just him playing it. It was slow at first, but the more he played with it the faster the planchette would move and spell out answers. These sessions served to only draw Shane deeper into his fascination with the Ouija board. Furthermore, he would spend hours by himself with the board.
He started to withdraw and became antisocial. The Ouija became his best friend, or I should say, his only friend. He would sit in his room, door closed for hours on end, even missing meals. Only one thing mattered in his life, the Ouija board.
We tried talking to Shane, telling him to put away the board and come out and hang with us. I even tried putting the Ouija back in its box and hiding it, but he’d wait until I was asleep and hunt it down. My mom threatened to burn it if he didn’t stop playing with the Ouija, but he was undaunted.
Up to this point it was still just a game to me, albeit a game that my brother was obsessed with. However, things were about to change as Shane would turn our normal family life into a nightmare.
It began with him saying that he could see a woman in white moving around the house, especially at night. He said, the woman spoke to him and she would tell him things. We asked him about the conversations and he would only say that the woman was disappointed or angry at such and such. He saw her as friend, until the night she appeared looking like she was ready to hurt someone.
At that point I was very jittery and threatening to burn the board myself. Whatever spirit Shane was talking to from the Ouija was obviously playing with his head and starting to show itself in our home.
The problems began to escalate on the night my brother told me he had dreams of killing us and was contemplating actually following through with it. I told my mom and we started locking our bedroom doors at night. It was then the knocking began.
We started hearing knocking on the windows and doors late at night. It was as if someone was beating the heck out of the front door. I started praying until it would stop.
The next time the Ouija spirit appeared as a man. It began with a faint whistling, like someone whistling a song. Of course we all checked with each other and nobody in the house was whistling. At night it would get louder and louder. I could now distinguish that it was definitely a man. In fact, we began to call him Mr. Whistle Man. We had told a few close friends, but no one really believed us. That is until the night my friend Jill was over and experienced what we had been dealing with. Jill was so freaked out that she made me sit up all night with her until her dad could pick her up the next morning.
We couldn’t get away from Mr. Whistle Man as he even followed us on vacation. As I discussed the problems with Shane in what I though was a safe haven, it was if Mr. Whistle Man heard us talking about him and suddenly we’d all hear the whistling.
Our nerves were constantly on edge at home and the tension was so thick in that even a sword couldn’t have cut it. The constant knocking, as well as the whistling and Shane’s weird moods were wearing on the rest of my family.
My mother and I had decided that we’d had enough and were positive that the root of the problem was the Ouija board. We agreed that it felt as though the problems were escalating and soon it would be an all-out war, but at the moment, neither of us saw any light at the end of the tunnel. Strangely enough, it was soon after that discussion that the Ouija board spirit turned into some sort of Poltergeist.
On one occasion, my sister ran screaming from a back bedroom, saying something tried sitting on the bed. She had been in there napping when she heard what she insisted was the sound of heavy cloven feet coming towards the bed. Then, she felt as if someone or something was sitting down and putting pressure on her. Needless to say, she was terrified! My mom was scared too and I didn’t help matters, as I went into panic mode. This thing had already gone after Shane and Misty, now I was convinced that I was next. In fact, I didn’t have to wait too long to find out.
It was after midnight of the following night and everyone was asleep. I suddenly awoke from a nightmare to see my brother sitting on his bed looking at me. I asked him what he was doing and he said he awoke to see a black shadow with its arms pointed toward me. Apparently it was then the shadow noticed him and vanished. So many questions raced through my mind as a struggled to make sense of it all. What was this thing? Why was it after me and my family? Was this ever going to end?
It felt as if this spirit was playing with us, like we were its personal toys. It would appear without warning and take on various forms; it was constantly rummaging through the house unnerving us with all the noise, especially at night. We were exhausted from lack of sleep and always on alert, wondering when and where the next appearance would be. Then came the night it talked to us, more specifically, it spoke directly to me.
I had been talking to Shane; just making conversation and we got into a disagreement. Suddenly I heard a voice plain as day angrily growl at me…. leave him alone, it said! It was as plain as if another person had been standing right there with us.
My biggest fear was that this entity would possess my brother, but it had other prey in mind. My sister Misty was the target now.
One night my sister hadn’t been feeling too good. She went to lie down on the couch and it seemed like she was sick. Suddenly she made an odd request; she wanted me to remove my bible from the couch before she would lie down. I asked why and she said she had the urge to throw it or rip out pages. Well, I felt an urge of my own as I grabbed the bible and put it against her forehead. Misty started screaming and cursing; foam was coming out of her mouth as she threatened to kill. She used language I had never heard come out her mouth before, profane and blasphemous things. My mom held her while I held the bible to her head and prayed out loud. After what seemed an eternity, she finally began to subside. Afterwards she was completely confused as she asked what we were doing to her.
We knew we had to do something immediately, so we ran out into the middle of the street. It was well after midnight as we tried to find someone with a phone. We were all worn out and scared and definitely not wanting to go back into the house. My dad wanted to take us all and just leave, but we were afraid the thing would just follow us wherever we went. Somehow we had to fight this thing and we knew we couldn’t do it alone.
At that point we called our Pastor, David (last name omitted) and his wife Patty. They were a Pentecostal preaching husband and wife. I knew they believed in demons and spirits, as there had been many times at church when they explained to us how they turned their lives toward the Lord after dealing with some dark times, including an encounter with demons. We explained what was going on and they said they’d be there the next day.
When they arrived, they instructed us to stay outside as they went in and attempted to clear the house. Although they weren’t exactly sure what they would be dealing with, their preference was for us to be safely away from what they thought might be a demon. Of course we were fine with standing on the sidelines cheering them on. In other words, we were so terrified that we had no intention of even stepping onto the welcome mat outside.
After it was over, we asked them what they had seen. They told us they had seen something bad, but wouldn’t say what it was. Maybe they didn’t want to scare us. I don’t know. I do know that the house felt lighter and I was happy to have it leave my family alone.
Shane hasn’t touched another Ouija board since and my Mother has forbidden having anything of that nature in her home.
To this day, I still wonder about that experience and if we are all truly safe from the evil that tried to take over our lives.



ReAnne Boleys Ghost Story

Now, keep in mind I was about five or six when this happened, so it was really easy to make me cry. I had been staying with a friend for a sleepover party and got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. The night light my friend's mom typically kept on wasn't on this time, and so I was terrified to take a step into the hall. I was crying like a two-month old again, when I noticed a woman standing there. She was pretty-in her mid-forties with long, reddish-brown hair and hazel eyes, and she was wearing a white nightgown. The woman didn't say a word, just smiled gently and held her hand out to me as if offering to hold my hand. Not knowing any better at the time, I took her hand-and she suddenly vanished. I was so scared and confused by her disappearance that I decided NOT to go to the bathroom, and hid in my friend's closet all night, too keyed up to sleep. I asked my friend's mom about the woman the next day, and she just laughed. "Oh Sweetie, it seems Lucille decided to show herself to you. She's usually very wary of visitors. It must be because you're so young and sweet that she didn't mind you seeing her!" and then she asked me what happened. I told her what all I could remember, since I'd still been sleepy, and she just smiled. My friend and her family moved out a year later, and nobody moved back in. The house was condemned and demolished a few moths back, but I still have the memory of Lucille's appearance, so I'm not too disappointed. I just hope she found a nice new place to attatch herself to, and a good family who doesn't mind sharing their living space with her.



Nancy Gardners Ghost Story

My "ghost story" comes from America. Back in 1991 I was a single mom renting a small apartment on the out skirts of NYC.  My oldest son who is now 26 was just a little  guy in primary school.  I had saved a bit of money and was able to have enough to put a down payment on a house.  I had started to house hunt relentlessly.  I had almost purchased a very old home but one night I had a dream that I was showing a photo of the house to my dad and the picture in the photo had gone blank.  The next day the real estate agent had called and said the deal had fallen through.  Well then I looked at a beautiful little house built in 1922.  The house was somewhat out of character for the area as it had a larger property then most and the property was overgrown with beautiful rambling roses, perenials and rock gardens.  I put an offer on the house and it was immediately accepted.  The real estate agent told me that the grandchildren of the owner who had passed were not comfortable selling to just anyone .  However they really liked the fact that I spent a lot of time admiring their grandmothers garden.  As an avid gardener myself I had fallen in love with this quaint property and home although there was a ton of work to be done as it had fallen to neglect.
  So the real estate deal went through  and without a hitch and I quickly found myself to be a homeowner. On the first night after moving in I had invited my parents over for dinner (Well chinese takeout anyway) to show off my efforts in getting my things in so quickly.  Well I didn't own too much but managed to get a sofa and chairs , bedroom stuff and my artwork collection put up on the walls. That evening while we were all eating there was a loud crash upstairs.  I raced up to my bedroom and an oil painting I had carefully hung was lying on the floor.  I would have assumed it would be damaged but it was not.  I then assumed the nail had ripped out of the plaster wall  but it was intact.  It was so odd but I simply rehung the painting and then went back down to join my parents.
  Well the first night I was in the house around 2 or 3 am I heard my sons electronic counting game playing a tune and it woke me up.  Aggravated and exhausted I got up to put my son back to bed however, he was sound asleep and the little game was in his toybox  playing on its own.  Again I thought it was odd, felt a bit uneasy,  I shut it off and went back to bed. 
 So as the days progress I found out  that the woman who lived in the house her whole life was named Harriet.  Neighbours told me that each afternoon she would sit in a chair by the rock garden have her tea in the afternoons.  I too loved the slate and stone garden and the Iris and Hyacinth grew like wild fire surrounding it.
  Strangely enough about every 2 weeks or so sometimes around 2 AM you would hear noises at night.  I remember I had a horseback riding injury and decided to sleep on a carpet in the living room to ease the the pain in my back.  I was woken one night by what sounded like a box of pins dropping and scattering down the steps.  I had a small dog named Claude at the time and his little head would just turn and follow something like he was watching someone walk around.  Doors in the house would often gently swing open and shut.  Yes the electronic game would go on sometimes also.
  Well after living like this for sometime I came to the conclusion that Harriet was still living in the home.  Years back before everyone had mobile phones house phones were attached to the wall.  I remember sitting on the sofa one day on a bright sunny afternoon and watching about 15 feet of phone cord get pulled from the middle of the oriental rug to behind a stereo speaker ! I sat there in disbelief.  Harriet was a tidy a ghost.   I always noticed paintings on the wall kind  of being shifted in position. 
  The only time I was scared was one day, after I had purchased some plants for the yard, I had been on the phone in the living room.  I heard very loud and very distinct footsteps of someone almost skipping down the stairs. I looked where the sound ended and there was obviously nobody there.
I ran through the kitchen and opened the door to the basement where there was another set of stairs calling my sons name.  But I had already dropped my son off in school for the day.  I picked up my car keys and walked out of the house.
   As time went on the incidents in the house became much more subtle.  I knew certain events of things moving were caused by Harriet and she was just taking care of her home so my oldest son and I just got used to it and disregarded most of it.  My second son was born in 1n 1998.  He in fact had  I guess what you would call an imaginary friend in the house.  A little thing he called ghosty.  He would sometimes run through the house and I would ask him to stop and he would simply say "I'm playing with ghosty"  I'm not sure how this fits in with Harriet at all. But he then would pluck this little invisible thing out of the air and put it in his pocket.  It actually was quite cute.
   So  now I will fast forward to the end of my story.  In late August 2001, I decided to move further away from the city.  I found a little cottage by the beach with a larger property to do my gardening.  So one day it was kind of getting late and I grabbed a basket to pull some late tomatoes off the vine. My vegetable and herb garden was separated by a short picket fence from Harriets rock garden.  (Yes , it always remained  Harriets rock garden). So I paused at that moment and said out loud "I'm moving Harriet, and you shouldn't try to follow me."  Well then I proceeded to pick my tomatoes and saw something out of corner of my eye.  I turned my head and saw a very deep dark shadow about 4 feet high scurry from the center of Harriets rock garden into or through the side of my house.  I dropped the basket I was holding and ran over there calling Harriet by name and it was like I had walked into a refrigerator.  I got goosebumps and chills and the spot was freezing.  The temperature gradually returned to normal.  That was the last time I had felt Harriet around and the only time I ever saw what I believe was her apparition.  I wish her well.
  Thanks for letting me tell my story Jayne !   

Cloud Keanes Ghost Story

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