Wood Norton Hall



Saturday 28th October

8pm - 1am

An EXCLUSIVE evening of Spiritualism at

the former home of the Duc d'Orleans, Grandson to the King of France



the Death room

Brave the

 Haunted Woodland

Join the 

Victorian Seance



tea/coffee & snacks

- limited places -

Hold a LONE vigil

in the Crypt

Wood Norton Hall is a wonderful example of Victorian grandeur and wealth, and the last home in England of

Prince Philippe, Duke of Orléans, fourth Son of the King of France. 

The site of a dwelling since medieval times, the exiled French Duc d’Aumale purchased the estate as a hunting lodge. 

In early 1939, the BBC bought the site so that it could relocate its operations away from London and other urban centres in the event of hostilities. Its position - hidden within acres of remote woodland on a hill facing south - made it ideal for official use in the event of war. 


While we won't reveal all of it's secrets here (we'll save that for your visit!) what we can tell you is that Wood Norton Hall has it's fair share of ghosts including the Duchess herself who still roams the various rooms in her wing of the house in a white nightdress. 





Unusually not all of the apparitions seen at the Hall are human with a 

spectral black panther still roaming the grounds!


As we tour the building and woodland you will not only encounter abandoned buildings, but hear tales of secrecy, murder and eccentricity, and learn why staff refuse to spend the night in certain bedrooms or walk down certain staircases.

The Duchess d'Orleans

We will venture into the woods, to the spot where the Groundsman was murdered 100 years ago by poachers

and take you to a hidden tomb-like space known as"the Crypt" where his body was later discovered.

- The Groundsman continues to keep a watchful eye -

Will you be brave enough to venture into the Crypt alone?

Part of the evening will be spent in the 'death room' where, when it was private home any guests or family members

who passed away would be laid out.

Many staff members avoid the room,reporting a dark oppressive feeling and cleaners who have to enter quickly rush in and out.

One of the managers has even been pulled forcefully into the room by unseen hands leaving her terrified!

As part of the FIRST GROUP EVER to be allowed to conduct a paranormal investigation here...

what will you discover waiting for you at Wood Norton Hall?

Please note that as we will be outside in the woods for part of the evening, sensible footwear and warm clothing is advised, as is a torch.

You may bring your own ghost hunting equipment but please only bring what you can carry with you.


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