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Spirit Attachment is a very real paranormal phenomenon.

However there is little documented about it and as a result 

understanding and acceptance is limited.

Paranormal Investigator Jayne has developed and delivers this online course in a series of video tutorials and learner activities.

She calls upon 17 years experience working to help people all over the world identify and deal with these very misunderstood types of hauntings.


In this course Jayne will share with learners not only her knowledge but also invaluable investigation techniques.

Jayne is a qualified Psychologist, passionate Historian and verified member of the

British Paranormal Association and leading paranormal research charity ASSAP (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomenon)


Includes all case notes,

access to learner forum,

121 support from Jayne

and completion certificate

"No one can help you understand

this field of research better

than Jayne.

A brilliant eye opening course!"

John Adamson, USA

"Fantastic course, really interesting and easy to understand. Hope there are more to come."
​Bev Roberts, UK

​"Very interesting and fun to do. Well worth the money!
​ Luna Roberts, UK

 I learned so much about spirit attachment. Bravo Jayne, your love and passion toward this field is evident in every lesson!"​

Pamela Bentley, USA

I highly recommend taking this course.

Loved it!!!"
​Gillian Shelton, UK

A few of our learners showing off their certificates


Course content


Jayne will guide you through 6 online modules comprising of video tutorials, downloadable course notes and interactive activites, which will test your knowledge and ensure you have a good understanding of topics covered.