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The Haunted Chair?

It has taken us over 2 years to secure this object (as the result of fierce competition and a reluctance to part with it by it's previous owner!) but at last we are excited to reveal that we have taken delivery of...


We're usually reluctant to describe an object as 'haunted' before we've conducted any kind of investigative work into it ourselves, however in this case we are making an exception. 

One condition of the sale was that we never sell the chair on, and add it to our personal collection for research purposes, which of course we have done. 

What's so fascinating about the chair?

Well the chair itself, is pretty appealing as a piece of furniture. Made around 1900 it is solid and all original, with it's mustard upholstery still looking fairly good...but we are not really that interested in it's appearance...

The alleged paranormal activity associated with this chair is:

  • A deep impression appearing on the seat when no-one is sat there. This is strange as the chair has a sprung base, and so when you stand up, it immediately returns to it's original form with no indentations. Does a long dead owner  still come back to sit in it?

  • Previous owner reported seeing, on 4 separate occasions, a little girl sitting in the chair with her back against the backrest and her legs hanging over the edge. Her hair was in ringlets and she apparently wore a brown dress with white pinafore. 

  • A feeling of unease and sudden chills experienced by many people who sit in the chair for more than a few moments (we have felt this also, and have witnessed it in others)

  • We are told that the chair has something of a 'deathly' history, with 3 of it's past 5 owners dying whilst seated in it. The first owner, Arthur Jones died from a stroke in 1927 while smoking a pipe, and the smell of pipe smoke is said to come and go quickly around the chair.

  • The enhanced deterioration of plants and food placed near the chair. Is the chair giving off some form of unhealthy energy?

Care to take a seat?

What's next?

We will be filming a series of experiments with the chair over the next few months, and releasing these for feedback.

Anyone who has any ideas, suggestions or questions about our investigation of the chair, please get in touch at


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