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Halloween Experience

St Briavels Castle


your chance to spend HALLOWEEN WEEKEND in one of the UK's most haunted castles!

Friday 30th Oct - Sun 1st Nov 2020

St Briavels is a 12th century Norman castle in Lydney, Gloucestershire and has been referred to by many as "the most haunted building in the UK" as a result of the level of paranormal activity reported over the years...and with almost 1000 years of bloody history, is it any wonder?


As King Johns Hunting Lodge the building saw many royal guests pass through its doors. Under Edward I thousands of crossbow bolts were produced at the castle in preparation for the king’s Welsh and Scottish campaigns. Edward took care to ensure that his arsenal was well protected, adding the massive twin-towered gatehouse to the castle in 1292.

King John’s Bedroom, now used as a lounge,  is home to one of the castle’s most persistent ghosts, an unseen baby whose pitiful cries frequently disturb the slumbers of those sleeping in it. This room was once used as a courtroom, and notches on the stone of its huge fire place are reputedly the result of it being struck with a sword whenever someone was sentenced to death.


The gatehouse became a prison where those accused of committing offences within the forest area were held while awaiting trial.

A number of prisoners’ inscriptions remain which testify to the terrible conditions those held captive here would have endured. 

Punishments such as physical mutilation were common place, as they served as a public reminder of the consequences of breaking the king’s law. In the Oubliette Room a rug conceals one of the castle’s most chilling secrets. Pulling it back, and lifting a wooden trap door, you find yourself looking down into a sinister oubliette - a small dungeon, the name of which is derived from the French word oublier meaning ‘forget’ – into which unfortunate captives would be cast and left to die. Throughout the castle you can catch glimpses of prisoner graffiti and the castle was still being used as a debtors prison until 1842.


In the Hanging Room, so called because it was where prisoners who had been sentenced to death were brought to await their fate, the psychically inclined often experience the terrifying sensation of been gripped by the throat.

Visitors to the room have felt their clothes being tugged at by unseen hands, whilst guests sleeping in here have been known to suddenly depart in the middle of the night unable to stand its oppressive feel any longer.

Other spirits that lurk at the castle include a black dog that trots around the rooms; a grey lady who glides along the top corridor; and a knight in burnished armour who appears in the grounds.

What is included?

Friday 30th October

  • 5.00pm  -Arrive to get settled and explore freely!

  • 7.00pm  - Welcome talk by Jayne Harris

  • 7.30pm  - Medieval Banquet with wine & ale

  • 9.30pm  - Lantern led Ghost Tour of the castle

  • 10.30pm - Campfire gathering

  • Ghost Tour with Jayne Harris (learn the castles haunted history!)

  • Full Paranormal Investigation (9pm - 1am)                           (Group activities, ghost hunting gadgets, spirit boards, vigils and more)

  • Spirit Medium in attendance

  • Complimentary Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Soft Drinks and Cake  

  • Free time to explore

  • Overnight Accommodation (very comfy beds!)

  • Cooked Breakfast 

Guests are welcome to explore the entire castle and grounds during their stay as there will be no other guests or visitors present


per person

- £20 deposit secures your place - 


Overnight accommodation is spread across several dorm rooms as follows and consists of very comfy single beds and we're told even comfier bunkbeds!

The castle sleeps 66 people however we are limiting our group size to 40 guests so you're not overcrowded and there will be empty beds in some rooms. We will try to give you your choice of room but this will be first come first served. ALL rooms will be available to investigate during the Halloween vigils.

  • Isobel’s – a modern room, complete with his and hers sinks (4 beds)

  • The Prison complete with 16th & 17th century graffiti (8 beds)

  • The Hanging Room (4 beds)

  • The State Apartment, with the “King’s Seat” at the head of the once great banqueting hall (10 beds)

  • The Oubliette, with Dungeon visible below (8 beds)

  • The Guards Room (10 beds)

  • Constables Room is in the East Tower, with Edwardian window bays (8 beds)


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