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St Briavels Castle

10th - 12th March 2023

a weekend of Ghost Hunting at this infamous 1000 year old location described as

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photos courtesy of English Heritage and YHA

St Briavels Castle is a 12th Century stone built castle retaining a wealth of original features

including the terrifying oubliette beneath one of the bedrooms!


St Briavels Castle is a Norman castle originally built between 1075 and 1129 and was first used as an administrative office for the area of the Forest of Dean. The castle was used as a hunting lodge by King John in the early 13th century. The castle then transferred hands among senior nobility throughout the 14th and 15th centuries, ultimately declining in importance and appearance over the next century. In the 18th and 19th century the castle became a place of torture and torment when it started to be used as a court and debtors prison. In some of the rooms you can still see evidence of this brutal time with scratch marks in one of the large stone fireplaces apparently indicating each person sentenced to death. Some of the bedrooms still display graffiti and other evidence from this period. 

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Whether you're interested in the ghosts here or would simply like to immerse yourself in the past, imagining life as a Lord or Lady for the weekend, St Briavels will not disappoint.


It seems there is not a single room in this 1000 year old castle that isn't haunted.

During recent renovations to the ceiling of the Solar Room the wrapped corpse of a baby fell from the rafters!

Could this explain why the sound of a baby crying has been experienced in this room?

Outside, near the area of the former Castle Keep a figure in a full suit of armour has been seen on several occasions. The true to life apparition is often seen, armour shining in the light of the moon, before suddenly disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Dark figures have been seen in the Chaplains Room, now a bedroom. The figure is often standing in the doorway preventing people from leaving. Strange flashes of light and red orbs are often seen too and people have reported the sensation of being touched when no one is around. This is one of several bedrooms where beds are said to move on their own and where indentations have been witnessed as if an unseen visitor is sitting with you!

Another bedroom is the Constables Room. The sudden feeling of lightheadedness and strangulation has been reported in this room, and strange unexplained rustling noises and overbearing putrid smells come as fast as they go. The door has been known to swing open of its own accord violently, and beds have been seen to vibrate. 

The Porters Lodge is another room which has more than it's fair share of paranormal activity. In this area, a gentleman staying at the castle reported the feeling of being pinned down on his bed, unable to move. A misty and sometimes dark show has been seen standing near the fireplace, and it’s also been seen near the doorway. A strange dragging sound is often heard, as well as the sound of a crying child...could this be the same child that has been seen at the end of the long corridor in the State Apartments, who disappears into the wall!


A weekend stay here is not for the faint hearted, with over 1000 years of history surrounding you, what will you experience?

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Your EERIE ESCAPE to St Briavels Castle includes:

  • 2 nights accommodation in one of 8 historic, HAUNTED ROOMS!

  • PRIVATE USE of St Briavels Castle and Grounds all weekend

  • ALL MEALS & REFRESHMENTS (dietary requirements catered for)


  • 1st night:  PSYCHIC SUPPER with 3 Mediums and a Regressionist!

  • 2nd night: FULL INVESTIGATION (Use of Ghost Hunting Equipment)

  • FREE TIME to explore the castle and area at your leisure

  • EERIE ESCAPES SOUVENIR and special treats!


There are 8 dorm style bedrooms at the castle sleeping 61 people in total. We are limiting our group numbers to 35 meaning there will be plenty of space and empty beds however you will still need to share these large historic rooms with other guests. Due to the grade I status, bathroom modernisations are not permitted in main rooms so no bedrooms have en-suites but there are 7 bathrooms across the building.

In addition there is a large dining room, a banqueting hall, 2 lounges and kitchen facilities. 

Some areas of the castle are understandably accessed via steep spiral staircases and extra care is needed especially at night. Anyone with mobility issues may find this difficult and should read the YHA Access Statement here before booking.

Please let us know any specific dietary requirements during booking to ensure you're catered for. 

 121 Mediumship offered at an additional charge and/or donation on the day

For full Terms & Conditions please click here