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I really MUST blog more often!

Hi everyone, first of all I must apologise for being possibly the WORST blogger on the planet! Originally when this blog was created the hope was that we could provide at least weekly updates to followers on what was new, what was ongoing and so on. As you can see that has not happened! 6 months have gone by since I last found time to post and so again I can only apologise. I REALLY MUST BLOG MORE OFTEN.

So now to summarise the last 6 months...

My 2nd book (for which a title has not yet been confirmed but I'm thinking "Peggy the Doll - a very different haunting") is almost complete. It has been with a potential publisher for a while now but I'm also toying with the idea of self publishing. Mainly for the purposes of speed of publication and control over distribution than anything else, but we'll see. There are 3 publishers interested so it may be that I go for the easy option and go down that road again.

On the subject of Peggy the Doll, we have received several requests from TV production companies to appear on screen with Peggy and discuss her. Unfortunately this isn't possible as we are in the process of creating a contained cabinet for her, from which she cannot be removed. Also, we feel that her story has been told, and in constantly revisiting past experiences, we are neglecting our ongoing studies with her, and so this is now our focus. We hope everyone understands that.

More information on Peggy the Doll can be found on her page or Facebook.


Also over the past 6 months we've continued to work tirelessly on our independent documentary "Who put Bella in the Wych-elm?" which has taken us down some really intriguing and unexpected avenues I can tell you! From the home of a real Witch to the depths of the Dudley archives and beyond in search of answers. The next phase of the project is going to be possibly the most exciting, as our documentary will culminate with a real, possibly terrifying, paranormal investigation at the very site where the poor woman body was found, deep within Hagley Wood. Obviously dense woodland can be unnerving at the best of times, but in the dead of night, knowing the macabre history I must admit to be both terrified and thrilled by the prospect!

We had a journalist from the Express & Star ask if they can come along to the investigation with a view to writing a feature article on the project so that's very cool - let's hope she has a memorable experience.

I'm due to go onto Black Country Radio in September to discuss the project and maybe someone will come forward with a new piece of information! you never know. Lots of local listeners after all.

Read all about the 'Bella Project' here, and if you're feeling generous you can contribute to this important piece of historic mystery, and we are even offering a selection of 'thank you's' in return.


Our public events continue with a spooktacular (sorry couldn't resist) Halloween event planned at the Talbot Hotel for Oct 29th. It will be fancy dress (optional) with a prize for the best dressed! We will also be providing a hot buffet, tea, coffee and there will be a raffle so lots to enjoy whether you're out for a night of paranormal experiences or just a fun night out. The Talbot Hotel continues to deliver the goods each and every time we visit, with activity in the cellar remaining the high point!

BOOK YOUR TICKETS HERE NOW! - This venue always sells out so be quick to avoid disappointment


I was honoured to be asked to provide articles for a special edition of Haunted Magazine, focusing on 'Women in Paranormal'. I knew I wanted to feature my friend Patti Negri, who is a psychic medium living and working in Hollywood, somewhere in the issue as I feel she is quite unique and any magazine discussing important 'ghostly gals' wouldn't be complete without Hollywoods White Witch!

Another article was one I also really enjoyed putting together, all about a haunted Capri...I kid you not! This car has been exorcised live on TV (without success) and is now so feared that most people won't even sit in it! Some believe it's the numberplate which draws evil spirits to it! eek.

If you want to read all of my articles in full visit Haunted Magazine now!


Possibly THE most time-consuming project over the past 6 months has been the development and creation of our accredited

Diploma in Applied Paranormal Research.

Upon successful completion of the Diploma course, learners will receive a certificate from CPD (Continued Professional Development) demonstrating their knowledge and achievement. It took a while to gain our accreditation but we got there and are proud of the fact too!

Writing the modules and assignment material was not the time consuming part believe it or has been filming and editing the video tutorials! We are almost ready to open enrolment and have been overwhelmed by the interest already shown. Anyone interested in learning more about the Diploma can read more here


Thrown into the mix have been the usual couple of radio and Skype interviews (wow before Skype we actually had to meet up with people!) but in honesty we've been keeping a relatively low profile to help us focus on our research work behind the scenes, and that theme will continue over the coming months, although I am planning a LIVE video Q&A session via Facebook soon but more on that to come...

Thank you all for being patient and feel free to stop by our website or Facebook page and say Hello!!

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