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Mysterious arrivals

As those of you who follow our work will probably already know, we do from time to time get sent items that, for whatever reason, people feel warrant further investigation (either that or they're just so terrified of them they don't know what else to do but send them to us). Over the past few weeks we've received 2 such parcels. The first contained a gothic style rag doll, since identified as an Emily Strange doll, but no note. We immediately put a post on Facebook, and it didn't take long for a lady to come forward to let us know the doll was from her. What was strange, was not only the story that went along with the doll, which I shall share in a moment, but the fact that she actually sent the doll out around a year ago to her calculations!

This was that doll:

Where had it been? Why had it taken so long to arrive?

So anyway, here are the details as given to us by the previous owner via Facebook following our post:

"This was mine I sent it can't remember who I messaged to ask if I could send it though. I live in a three bedroomed modern semi detached house which had never had any paranormal goings on in the 25 years I have lived there. I had her three days and I have never experienced anything like it in my life and hope never to again. Hope that clarifies things happy to answer any more questions but never want to see her again"

Further details followed after several comments from other people.

"She moved from my pillow to my headboard when the house was empty.. Then she moved from one end of the headboard to the other.. My pug who sleeps on my bed wouldn't come into the room.. I put her in the closet just chucked her on top of stuff and during the night I went downstairs to sleep because I was to terrified to open the closet, I could hear a low but persistent tapping.. When I looked in the morning one of my shoes was in her lap and she was sitting upright staring at me!!!! I sent her to you guys that same day but the activity continued for about two nights after that. Life returned to normal nothing has happened since. I bought her from ebay she came from london but I believe is an emily strange doll from america. I messaged the lady I bought her from just to ask if she had ever experience anything with her and she just said that she liked quirky things and understood what I was talking about. I do know her name but I don't want to post it in case she doesn't want to be involved.

Happy to answer any questions about her but good luck to whoever takes her on! I am really practical minded and I am often alone in old, dark farmyards and stables as I work with horses, I don't usually worry about noises and stuff but whatever happened with this thing I will never be able to find a logical explanation for and it terrified me...btw my usually reliable wifi is playing up big style as I write this which may be a coincidence".

And so we had a new study piece.

The following week another package arrived, this time containing a larger doll.

After the success in tracking down the sender of the rag doll, I thought I'd try again via Facebook with this one. No such luck. No-one has came forward to date to claim prior ownership of this one. And so it remains a mystery.

We'll see what time brings...

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