Simon Harris

Founder & Designer


Simon is an experienced Paranormal Investigator, Senior Graphic Designer and Jaynes Husband!

He has a vast amount of knowledge on haunted locations thanks to his library of over 200 books on ghosts and the unexplained and,

like Jayne has a particular interest in the medieval period.

Simon enjoys developing new experimental research techniques and admits that over the past 30 years he has became less and less convinced about 99% of alleged paranormal occurrences, believing that in most cases a rational, logical explanation can be found.

He does however consider himself a believer in the afterlife.

A naturally well organised person Simon is responsible for logistics during events and weekend breaks keeping everyone on their toes and on track!

 He is also the creator of HD Paranormals marketing and promotional materials and designer of the BRAND NEW 'Born to Ghost Hunt' range!


When he's not working Simon can usually be found doting on his 2 daughters or walking the vast Herefordshire countryside

with his huge German Shepherd!


His favourite haunted location is Dudley Castle in the West Midlands and he would most like to visit Biggin Hill airfield next. 


Simon is also a tattoo designer who can juggle and owns a unicycle!