Sally Pearce - Jones



After the chance purchase of a book called “The Young Ghost Hunters Guide” as a young child Sally's imagination was captured, sparking an interest that has grown into her passion that she brings to the HD Paranormal team.


As a child in the family home Sally started to become more aware that some of the experiences she was having could well in fact be supernatural. From tugs on her trousers when nobody is around, familiar sounds and smells of family members that have

passed away and the feeling that someone else was in the room, she has had her fair share of paranormal experiences.


Sally never really considered the opportunity to become a paranormal investigator, focussing on her career in early years education and raising her own family instead. But she never lost her passion, continuing to research and study the paranormal in her spare time.

This helped her to develop extensive knowledge of recorded cases and a profound understanding that there is more to the paranormal world than we can ever fully explain. Sally enjoys exploring abandoned buildings and spaces, experiencing the history and energy that these places hold after a deep connection with the people that lived and worked in them for years. She believes that there is so much history around us that has been forgotten, going out into your local area and discovering these places can be exciting and rewarding.


Sally feels particularly lucky to have so much history around in her local area of Stourbridge in the West Midlands. With Iron

Age forts and monuments, ancient churches and graveyards and abandoned buildings from the industrial revolution there has been so much that has happened here to explore and connect with.

Exploring these places and unearthing their history helps Sally to enjoy her hobby of photography, taking time to capture images of the places she explores. She brings her interest in photography to the team by capturing full spectrum photos on location.

Favourite Haunted Location

Dudley Castle

Little Known Fact

Sally also studies Serial Killers and Criminal Psychology