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Nuns Cross Farmhouse


Standing in desolate isolation on the vast Dartmoor moorlands, this location will definately test you nerve.



Nuns Cross Farmhouse

  • Built in 1870 by Labourer John Hooper using stones collected by his wife from the Moors, the couple are documented as having very little money and just 1 cow. Life was incredibly tough in such a remote location and it wasn't long before Nuns Cross Farmhouse had it's first mystery. Legend tells of a farmers wife who went to check on the cattle one misty, cold winters night never to return. Her body was never found but her ghost is said to be seen on the moorlands surrounding the house, and in the kitchen. She is described as grey, with wet hair and wet clothing and has terrified several walkers passing by.

    Another mystery at this location is the so called 'Sword Stone' on which an emblem of a sword has been carved along with the initial T and V. Experts have been unable to age the inscription and it's significance remains a mystery.

    The farm continued to be occupied by farmers until 1929 when it fell into disuse. Rumour has it that during the 1960's and 70's it was used by the Royal Navy for training, however this training has not been recorded.

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