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Devizes Town Hall

Originally the site of a 16th century Hall, this location features an underground dungeon dating from 1650 which was used as a lock-up for local criminals...some of whom are still seen and heard to this day!



Devizes Town Hall

  • The Town Hall in Devizes, Wiltshire was built in 1808, replacing a Yarn Hall built in 1575. The first municipal building in Devizes was a medieval structure inside the outer bailey of Devizes Castle, completed in the mid-15th century. A second structure, a guildhall with an adjoining council house, was completed in the mid-16th century: this structure accommodated the courts and also provided storage for the town's archives.

    A deep underground cell chamber first referred to in 1556 as a blind house was incorporated into the Town Hall in 1806 when the building became the Borough Headquarters. 

     The basement of the building was used as an air raid shelter in the Second World War. After the war, the assembly hall was used as an events venue: performers included the beat band, The Merseybeats, in June 1966 and the rock band, Status Quo, in December 1968.

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