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Bishton Hall

Will you brave the dark, foreboding cellars and vast rooms at this incredible manor house?

Bishton Hall

  • The Grade II listed, Georgian mansion Bishton Hall in Staffordshire is one of the oldest settlements in Staffordshire and is now owned by TV's Charles Hanson of 'Bargain Hunt'.

    This is a fantastic opportunity to ghost hunt overnight inside this vast and sprawling mansion that includes cellars, servants living quarters, and its own temple which is surrounded by dense and eerie dark woodland.

    This former residence of the High Sheriff of Staffordshire dates from the 18th century however according to the 1086 Doomsday book King Harold II, who died at the battle of Hastings, once had a dwelling on this land meaning the history on this site dates back over 1000 years.

    In 1954, after 2 centuries of being a family home, Bishton Hall became a Boarding school offering accommodation for 130 children. The school rooms remain to this day, now eerily empty and some say, echoing with the sounds of childrens laughter.

    Said to be haunted by the ghost of Charlotte Sparrow, a spinster who inherited the house from her father, there are many sinister and daunting stories attached to this haunting mansion.

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