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Live NDE Workshop - 5th May

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Missing the paranormal? - Join our NDE workshop!

Tues 5th May 2020 - 7-9pm

Jayne has spent over 2 years researching the subject, and speaking to experts and people who have had an NDE, as part of Afterlife - The Documentary.
In this 2 hour interactive workshop she will cover the following areas through a combination of discussion, slides, quizzes and case studies:

- What defines an NDE?
- The NDE 'process'
- NDE vs OBE
- Real life cases studies
- Extraordinary abilities following an NDE
- Ongoing scientific experiments
- The effect of the NDE on the individual
- Proof of an Afterlife?
- Medical and Scientific opinions
- Can you induce an NDE? (hemi-sync experiments)
This is a fascinating and enlightening workshop which examines how the altered state of consciousness which seems to occur during an NDE, could offer us the greatest proof yet that we DO NOT DIE.
Virtual Classroom environment, see, hear and chat to fellow learners, ask questions and comment as we go along.
Just £10pp inc certificate of completion
Limited to 15 people
All attendees will receive their certificate of completion following the online course.
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