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Handmade Alchemy Earth Ring - Protection/Grounding for Investigators -

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Handmade by Black Moon Jewellery EXCLUSIVELY for Jayne Harris, worn during ALL investigations inc on the TV series Help! My House is Haunted to offer grounding and protection!

EARTH ELEMENT RING for Paranormal Investigators

"The observant amongst you will have noticed that in my role as Investigator, particularly during Paranormal Investigations I am never without my Earth Ring. There are several reasons for this. The symbol itself is the alchemaic symbol for Earth, and for me represents the intention to remain grounded, solid and determined in all I do. When we enter haunted locations and embark upon attempting to understand the energy in those places, it serves us well to be prepared both physically and spiritually. I believe that in wearing this ring I am sending a message to the universe, that my intention is clear.

This ring was handmade for me by the very talented Abigail Rose Glover of Black Moon Jewellery, and now you can have YOUR VERY OWN earth ring handmade by Abigail just for you too!"

Jayne x

RINGS ARE MADE FROM ECO-FRIENDLY RECYCLED STERLING SILVER (925) so our planet loves them too! sizes made on request (please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery as each piece is handmade)

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