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Self Love Ritual
~ Healing and Acceptance ~

Monday 6th Feb 2023 | 7pm | Live Online via Zoom

Strictly limited to 10 people


(please check back soon for Marchs Ritual)

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Start loving yourself inside and out!


Ask yourself this...

"How different would my life be if I felt confident

about who I am, flaws and all?"


Chances are you would have more fun, seize more opportunities and be more successful, if only you could quit those self limiting thoughts and behaviours. 


 This ritual will help you become more conscious of your inner self and this understanding will help you accept yourself completely. You will learn to overcome those negative statements you make about yourself and replace them with loving affirmations...remember you are unique and as such VERY special!

This spiritual gathering will take place via Zoom enabling you to participate and carry out the ritual from the comfort of home. 

To carry out this spell ritual you will need:

  • A Pink Candle and matches

  • A small clean empty jar with lid (pickle or jam sized)

  • A small Rose Quartz Crystal (that will fit into the jar)

  • A small piece of paper and pen

  • A pair of scissors

  • Your favourite essential oil

  • A ribbon of your favourite colour

Image by Elias Maurer

Following the ritual each person will receive a personal Oracle reading from Jayne.

These readings will be individual, offering insight and advice. 

Strictly limited to 10 people


You will receive a private link to join this online experience 48 hours beforehand.

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