Kay Maloney

Clairsentient Investigator

Kays paranormal journey began just over five years ago after some pretty huge life changing events which led to her becoming a student of Quabalism which has, and is still taking her on a fascinating journey into the wonderful spiritual secrets of the universe and the development of her gift of Clairsentience.


Kay not only has the ability to see, hear, feel and communicate with spirit but by touching objects or places can also become a part of that places 'memory' experiencing its past environment.


Kay has a particular interest in traditional forms of investigating as well as being involved in ongoing research into Elemental spirits, and hopes to compile her studies into a book on the subject. 


Kay has a degree in Linguistics, worked in event management for many years.

She is Mum to her beautiful five year old daughter and wife to Craig.


Dudley Castle


Kay is a HUGE Eurovision fan and hosts a big party each year during the contest to celebrate!

Representing the UK on Eurovision is on Kays bucket list!



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