Jayne Harris



Jayne has had a fascination with all things paranormal for as long as she can remember, and in 1998 she began studying and investigating alleged hauntings in peoples homes and workplaces.

Jayne has MANY roles, she is first and foremost a Psychical Researcher alongside working on TV projects as an on-screen Paranormal Investigator for 'Help! My House is Haunted' on UKTV's 'Really Channel and industry expert on shows such as 'Unexplained Caught on Camera' on the Really channel and 'Paranormal Captured' on Sky Pick. She also regularly works as a media consultant and advisor behind the scenes for shows on networks such as the BBC, Travel Channel, CBS Reality, Canal+, the Discovery network and NPO. 

Jaynes also works as Producer and Presenter with HDP Productions, her own independent production company.

Jayne is a published Author, Lecturer, Course Tutor, Historian and devoted mother of 2 gorgeous girls!

Her favourite haunted location is Edinburgh's Old Town.

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Jayne trained as a professional make-up artist with Lancome, then qualified as a Psychologist before deciding to make the paranormal her life!

LEARN MORE: www.jayne-harris.com


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