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HD Paranormal in partnership with Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust


The Ghosts of
Charlton House

an EXCLUSIVE HALLOWEEN evening of haunted history and paranormal investigation!

~ Sat 28th October 2023 ~ 

 from 7pm



Charlton House was built between 1607 and 1612 for Sir Adam Newton, tutor to Henry, Prince of Wales – the eldest son of King James I. 

However, Prince Henry died of typhoid fever when he was just 18, around the time the house was completed, leaving his younger brother, the future King Charles I (1600-1649) as the heir to the throne. Following Henry’s death, Newton continued to work for the royal court and resided in the house. He and his wife Kathleen are commemorated with marble monuments in St Luke’s Church just outside the grounds.

Following Newton’s death, the house was passed on to his son Sir Henry Puckering Newton (1618-1701), before it was sold to Sir William Ducie (1612-1679) in the mid-17th century, who made substantial improvements to the building. In 1680, the estate was bought by East India merchant Sir William Langhorne (1631-1715). He died without an heir so the estate was passed to his nephew Sir John Conyers (1649–1719). The Maryon-Wilson family went on to own the house from 1767 to 1923. Notable owners include Spencer Percival, the only Prime Minister to be assassinated. 

During WW1 the house was used by the Red Cross as an auxiliary hospital with 18 wards and 70 beds and in 1918 was used by recovering soldiers. In total over 160 men were admitted, some tragically not surviving. 

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Over the years the many occupants that have lived and passed on in this house have left a multi-layered imprint which has no doubt led to the many reports of paranormal activity in the building. 

One of the most terrifying reports is that of the Grey Lady. Her apparition has been seen on many occasions as clear as day, always carrying a bundle with what looks to be a baby snuggled inside.

Staff at Charlton House have regularly reported their belongings mysteriously disappearing, only to be found later in a completely different area of the house. The attic rooms are said to have a very oppressive feeling as soon as you step inside and many staff members refuse to enter alone.The cellars however are said to be even worse, with many staff refusing point blank to go down there, even with company!  

It’s also worth noting that an increase in paranormal activity was experienced during restoration work following the discovery of a babies body found within an old fireplace! Believed to possibly be a servants stillborn child born out of wed-lock and hidden to prevent scandal.


Another story tells of a young boys body being found, believed to be a chimney sweep who became stuck and starved to death.

It is also believed by some that the ghost of Sir William still roams the empty rooms saddened by the fact that he died childless.


  • Complimentary drinks reception on arrival (non alcoholic Prosecco and juices)

  • Haunted History briefing by the Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust

  • Full Paranormal Investigation including access to areas usually off-limits!

  • Psychic Medium in attendance

  • Use of specialist ghost hunting equipment

  • Traditional experiments and vigils including Ouija board, glass work, table tipping and dowsing. 

  • Refreshments and snacks

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Charlton House is a sprawling mansion with many rooms for our ghost hunters to explore including cellars and attics usually off limits! The HD Paranormal team will guide you to the most haunted areas of the building to conduct a wide range a paranormal experiments including lone vigils for the very brave!



We are honoured to be working in partnership with Royal Greenwich Historic Trust and Charlton House to being you this exclusive experience. Follow their social pages for updates and inside info! 

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includes drinks reception, haunted history and full paranormal investigation.

Refreshments and snacks also included.

secure your place with a £30 deposit

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