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Gregynog Hall

Montgomeryshire, Wales


- Join us as we investigate the spiritual history of this magnificent building -

History of Gregynog Hall

Gregynog Hall is a historic house with Grade 1 listed gardens set in the heart of rural Montgomeryshire.


At first sight Gregynog Hall looks like a large example of a 16th century, timber framed house...but this is not the case. The facade you see is actually 19th century concrete and conceals a much older building beneath. 

It is one of Wales’s most unexpected hidden treasures, whose name has echoed down the years since the first elusive references to it by the 12th century poets of the Welsh see, Gregynog has existed for 800 years.


There has been a hall on the site since at least the 12th century and from the mid 1500s onwards Gregynog was the seat of the Blayney (Blaenau) family, local gentry who claimed descent from the early Welsh princes and whose courage and benevolence were praised by the court poets. Their coat of arms is the centrepiece of the fine oak carvings in what is now called the Blayney Room.

For hundreds of years Gregynog was one of Montgomeryshire’s leading landed estates, at the heart of the community and the local economy. The Blayney squires gave way to the Lords Sudeley, then Lord Joicey.

After several hundred years of private ownership, in 1913 a huge estate sale saw Gregynog’s farms, cottages and woodlands sold off, many to their tenants.

Arthur Blayney circa 1790

Gregynog Hall might have been demolished had the wealthy Davies sisters not acquired it in 1920 to become the headquarters of their enterprise to bring art, music and creative skills to the people of Wales in the aftermath of the First World War.

For twenty years the house was full of music, fine furniture and ceramics, hand-printed books from the Gregynog Press and, most extraordinary of all, the sisters’ collection of paintings by artists such as Monet, Cezanne and Van Gogh. Leading lights, such as George Bernard Shaw and Gustav Holst visited during these years.


Gwendoline and Margaret Davies 

During WW2 Gregynog became a Red Cross convalescent home with many of it's largest and grandest bedrooms being converted into hospital wards, while the drawing room was used as a staff room. 

During your investigation you will have access to all active areas of the building including the attic rooms and cellars. 

Ghosts of Gregynog Hall

After years of recurring reports of strange happenings at the hall, and an appearance on the TV show 'Most Haunted' in 2010,

A number of ghosts are purported to haunt Gregynog including:

  • A man dressed in black called William who is followed by an ghostly dog.

  • A female servant who wears a blue uniform characteristic of the Davies sisters’ period in the Hall (1882-1963).

  • A lady seen in the top floor window from outside when the hall was empty.

  • A little girl seen sitting on the bed in room 8.

  • A phantom horse has been seen and photographed in the courtyard. 

With 800 years worth of history, it's no surprise that Gregynog Hall has it's fair share of spiritual energy. 


  • Welcome briefing

  • Investigation of the most active areas in small groups

  • Psychic Artist in attendance

  • Unique experiments

  • Traditional methods inc table tipping, dowsing rods and divination

  • Use of various equipment inc SLS cameras, REM Pods, Proxy Sensors, Grid Lighting, Spirit Boxes, ITC apps, EMF meters and more.

  • Hot drinks and snacks provided

 Please note: The use of Spirit Boards is prohibited at Gregynog Hall.


£30 deposit secures your place


Once your investigation draws to a close what better way to enhance your experience than by retiring to one of the many private bedrooms at Gregynog Hall. 

Guests choosing to stay overnight will have the choice of either sleeping in one of the beautiful heritage bedrooms,

the annex bedrooms...or the haunted attic bedrooms!

Prices vary please see below:

Single annex rooms £77 

(price is for 1 person)

Double Courtyard rooms £93.50

(price is for 2 people)

Doubles or Twin Heritage rooms £110 

(price is for 2 people)

Triple rooms £150 per night

(Attic rooms - price is for 3 people)

Quad rooms £200 per night

(Attic rooms - price is for 4 people)

Room rates include breakfast and are to be paid directly to Gregynog Hall.

To book please contact Gregynog Hall directly on 01686 650224 or email

(be sure to mention that you're guests of HD Paranormal)

*please note - due to it's listed status no alterations to the interior of the building are permitted therefore bedrooms are not ensuite.

There are plenty of toilets ad bathrooms on each floor of the hall. Please speak to the hall directly on the number above if you have any questions.


example of an attic quad room


example of a heritage double room



During your evening with us no filming or live streaming is permitted. You may take photographs for personal use.


As detailed in our Terms & Conditions below, we always recommend that guests take out private travel insurance to cover any losses should you be unable to attend. All payments are non transferable and non refundable. 


Overnight accommodation is to be booked direct with Gregynog Hall. Any issues or questions relating to accommodation should be directed to the hall. 

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