Graham Sansome



Graham is an experienced investigator and tech guy, having been involved in paranormal research for many years. 

Graham is a Security Guard by profession who became interested in the paranormal when he saw his Grandad, who had been passed away 12 months prior, in the empty cottage they used to live in on the North Wales coast. Following that experience Graham now considers himself to be a firm believer in the Afterlife. 
He has a vast amount of knowledge on various haunted locations in the Black Country and of the history of the Black Country area. Graham is always looking for new ways to experience something paranormal and builds his own equipment from scratch. He has had a lot of successful EVP captures whilst on Paranormal Investigations and has taken very compelling photographs whilst investigating Drakelow Tunnels in Kinver, West Midlands. 

Graham is a fan of Motorcycles and owns a customised motorcycle which he built himself over a 5yr period.


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