HD Paranormal 

presents a

Ghostly Getaway



Fri 4th - Sun 6th October 2019



Ghost Hunt


Paranormal Evening 


  • WOODCHESTER MANSION INVESTIGATION limited to just 25 people!

  • PRIVATE GHOST TOUR OF CHAVENAGE HOUSE with the owner followed by lunch in the Great Hall

  • PARANORMAL EVENING WITH 3 COURSE MEAL, speaker and mini-investigation



  • HD Paranormal welcome pack with FREE GIFTS and DELICIOUS TREATS in your room



Private Ghost Tour followed by lunch

as seen on

the BBC's



'The Living & The Dead'


You will be staying at one of Gloucesters most haunted buildings, the 15th century New Inn in the centre of this historic city.  This building has more than a few stories to tell and as you meander through its uneven corridors and across creaking floorboards you will feel transported back in time...

Described as having the finest example of a medieval gallery in Britain, this beautiful building houses a cosy old world bar with beams and comfortable bedrooms, perfect for a weekend escape...especially if you like a ghost story or 2!

The New Inn is famed locally for its hauntings

In 1553 when King Edward VI died, Lady Jane Grey was proclaimed Queen from the first floor gallery at The New Inn by the Abbott of Gloucester, only to be beheaded the following year. Her ghost has been seen wandering the gallery near her bedchamber, appropriately now named 'The Lady Jane Grey Suite'. 

Former "Queen for 9 days" Lady Jane Grey is said to roam the medieval gallery where she was proclaimed Queen

In 1896 2 children died during a fire at the inn along with their nanny. Their ghosts have been seen and heard playing in the courtyard, as their nanny still watches on from a window in the bar. The table she sits at is now at the centre of the pubs most well known paranormal activity as in 2010 it's believed she caused poltergeist activity when a full pint was pushed from a table when no-one was close by. This was captured on CCTV and a room full of people all witnessed the phenomena. 

They say that the most haunted room in the hotel is the Oak Room. Guests and investigators staying in this room have reported seeing a man dressed in a dark coat standing at the foot of the bed. He is believed to be a former Landlord, and not a nice character! He appears through the wall by the wardrobe and looms for several minutes before disappearing through the other wall!

The cellars are foreboding, with some staff refusing to go down alone. Clothing and hair has been pulled and local paranormal groups have seen the figure of a man appear from what was the original staircase.



Guests are to make their own way to the New Inn on Friday afternoon - you can check in from 3pm. Once checked in, you can drop your bags and relax, knowing that everything from your excursions to your meals will be taken care of. You will find a detailed itinerary and welcome pack in your room along with a few treats!


You will have a few hours to explore Gloucester and we'd recommend a visit to the stunning Cathedral just a 3 minute walk away. An awe inspiring building, described by many as the finest Cathedral in the country, you may recognise it instantly as many of its glorious corridors and chambers featured in Harry Potter as the interiors at Hogwarts!

Another must see is the Eastgate Roman 'viewing chamber'. This underground chamber reveals the remains of defences and the Eastgate of the city dating back to Gloucester's foundings as a Roman fortress in around AD 68. The site includes Roman remains, the base of a 13th century tower and the Tudor 'horse-pool' where wagons and livestock were washed before market.

If the weather is fine, maybe a stroll down to the historic  Victorian docks described by Charles Dickens himself as ‘extraordinary’, and granted Royal Port Status by Queen Elizabeth I in 1580. Visitors can see skilled shipwrights and riggers repairing, restoring and building traditional ships and rigging all year round in Tommi Nielsen’s dry dock on the West Quay.

Or if you'd rather spend your free time relaxing you'll be spoilt for choice at The New Inn, with its 4 cosy bars and coffee shop to choose from.

Meal, Ghost Talk and Mini Investigation

At 7pm we will meet in the bar for a welcome briefing with Founder of HD Paranormal Jayne Harris which will be followed by a delicious candlelit 3 course meal in the Regency Suite.  

Once dining has finished it's time for a drink to steady your nerves as we welcome "The Ghost Lady"...

Lyn Cinderey has been conducting the infamous "Gloucester Ghost Walk' for many years and has appeared on numerous TV shows including 'Great British Ghosts' with Michaela Strachan.

Known locally as "The Ghost Lady' no one knows Gloucesters haunted history better than Lyn, so who better to be your after dinner speaker! Lyn will regale you with terrifying true tales of the cities ghosts...including those that frequent The New Inn itself! - Will your room turn out to be one of the most haunted?

After dinner speaker Lyn Cinderey

AKA "The Ghost Lady"

By 9.30pm we will be ready for our investigation of The New Inn and will split into 3 groups to explore its most haunted areas. You will take part in a series of paranormal experiments including vigils, ouija board work and table tipping.

It has been known for the spirits of the New Inn to be particularly curious about newcomers attempting to communicate with them...will they come forward?

The usual Friday night live music has been cancelled for our group event to ensure the entire hotel is still and quiet, giving us the best chance of capturing EVP's (electronic voice phenomena) and having a positive experience.

Staff at the New Inn have lost count of the amount of ghost sightings and reports of paranormal activity they've received, it seems there isn't a corner of this old coaching inn that doesn't have a phantom resident.


We don't leave you to find your own entertainment during the daytime, we have packed as many experiences into this weekend as possible to ensure you get your fix of haunted properties! After a hearty breakfast we will board the coach at 9am to make our way to Chavenage House, one of Gloucestershires most famous (and haunted!) buildings.

Chavanege House

Described by many as the ULTIMATE HAUNTED MANOR! 

Chavenage is a stunning Elizabethan building, still lived in by the Lowsley-WIlliams family, who are only the 2nd family to inhabit the property since its construction in 1576, and they say that every single member of the family have at one time or another seen a ghost, and that the family now live perfectly comfortably surrounded by their spectral co-residents. 

You may recognise Chavenage as it features as 'Trenwith' on the BBC's 'Poldark' series, both as the interior and exterior, and also provided a beautiful backdrop for the recent haunting series 'The Living & The Dead'. It also featured in 'Larkrise to Candleford' and 'Tess of the D'Urbervilles'.


Chavenage has a strong connection to the English Civil War having been the home at the time of  Nathaniel Stephens, M.P., P.C. He was Lord of the Manor, and raised a regiment of horses of which he was Colonel and fought on the side of Parliament against Charles I. At this time, General Henry Ireton (Cromwell's son-in-law) was a guest at Chavenage, being a relation by marriage.

In 1644, from Chavenage, troops under the overall command of Colonel Massey were charged with the task of besieging nearby Beverstone Castle, which at the time was inhabited by an important Royalist family, a branch of the Berkeleys of Berkeley Castle. After the Roundheads failied twice to breach the strong defences at Beverstone, it was discovered that a young girl at Chavenage was secretly dating the commander at Beverstone. To let her lover know that the coast was clear and that no attack was planned that night from Chavenage, she would place a candle in a window (see the garden door, leading from the Library passage). On the detection of this subterfuge, a candle was placed in the window and the order given to attack in the knowledge that the commander was away for the night!

From September each year the family close the house to the public, however they have agreed to open their doors to us for a very special tour with a member of the Lowsley-Williams family, who will guide us through its many captivating rooms, grounds and chapel, retelling it's gruesome ghost stories as we go.

After our ghost tour we will be treated to a specially prepared traditional cotswold cream tea comprising of teas (classic or herbal) coffee with complimentary refills, mixed sandwiches, freshly baked scones, topped with jam, thick cream and strawberries or raspberries together with a selection of home home-baked cakes. 

You will then have time to explore the grounds,  spot filming locations, take photographs and maybe even chat with the family.

Around 2pm we will get back on the coach and travel back to The New Inn where you will have a couple of hours free time to relax and prepare for the nights investigation! At 6pm we will enjoy a hot buffet with tea and coffee before boarding the coach.

Woodchester Mansion

Woodchester Mansion is probably one of the most famously haunted buildings in the UK.


To bring our weekend to a close we have arranged access to this terrifying location for a high intensity ghost hunt that is guaranteed to leave some guests unnerved...

don't say we didn't warn you!

Guests on investigations here have been known to run from the building in fear, refusing to go back.

Maybe it's the buildings macabre and sinister history which leads to the high level of paranormal activity here, with tales of death, satanic rituals, black magic and suicide all woven into the very fabric of this Victorian mansion...is it any wonder? 

As we descend the long driveway, leaving the modern world behind, you cannot fail to be impressed, and a little unnerved at the sight that awaits you. Turrets and towers loom overhead with grotesque gargoyles watching your every move. The house appears also to be watching visitors arrive through it's many hollow windows...who knows who else will be watching us! 

The building was abandoned mid way through it's construction in the 1870s, so whilst it appears complete from the outside, the floors, plaster and rooms are unfinished and in some cases missing completely. Some believe that the hauntings at Woodchester date back to the earlier Georgian house on this site, Spring Park which was demolished to make way for the house we see today.  Spring Park certainly did have it's own ghost stories.

History tells us that when the 2nd Earl of Ducie threw a lavish dinner to celebrate his succession to the Earldom in 1840, he was somewhat taken aback when his father’s ghost interrupted the festivities by occupying the seat that he was intending to sit in at the head of the table. So terrified was he that he left the estate never to return.

In the spring of 1868 it's said that all work ceased under mysterious circumstances after several deaths onsite, and that workers simply left refusing to return, their tools remained scattered around the property, a haunting reminder of their sudden exodus.

In 1935 a religious order were all set to purchase the property and had taken a particular interest in it's chapel, however their interest was withdrawn, some say due to rumours of it's intense hauntings and dark negative energy. Barnwood House Hospital then registered an interest in transforming the site into a mental institution, but again this sale failed. 

During World War 2, between 1939-1945 troops were based in the park, using the lakes in the valley to train in bridge building for the invasion of Europe after D-day. Security was high and rigorously enforced, and the Park was inaccessible. It is believed that during a training session several lives were lost when a bridge collapsed, plunging several of the troops into the lake where they drowned. The unfortunate mens bodies were transferred inside the building to await a proper burial, and over the years there have been numerous reports of ghostly soldiers and "men in uniform" roaming the many vast corridors. In addition, the eerie sound of 1940s music has been heard playing along some corridors with no identifiable source. 

The site dates back every further than the Georgian era, with some historians believing there has been a settlement here since Norman times.

Ask anyone who has visited Woodchester Mansion and they will probably be of the opinion that this is one of the most haunted buildings, not only in the UK but probably the world. 

Upon arrival there will be a short safety brief followed by an orientation tour of the property. During the tour you will be given some information about the buildings ghosts and the paranormal activity that visitors have experienced.  The group will then split into smaller groups to take part in various activities including vigils, ouija board work, table tipping and divination.

There will be a break at 11pm for much needed hot drinks and snacks before you get the opportunity to ROAM FREELY (but be warned, going it alone at Woodchester Mansion is NOT for the faint hearted!).

We will be accompanied by a Spirit Medium for the evening who will lead a group seance to close. 

At 1am our coach will take us back to the New Inn, where we apologise but we cannot guarantee you won't have nightmares!

We have arranged a late check-out at 11am on Sunday morning following breakfast.


  • 2 nights accommodation at The New Inn

  • HD Paranormal welcome pack

  • ALL MEALS including 3 course meal at The New Inn and lunch at Chavenage House

  • COACH TRAVEL to 2 haunted locations

  • 'Ghosts of Gloucester' talk with 'The Ghost Lady'

  • Investigation at THE NEW INN

  • PRIVATE Ghost Tour of CHAVENAGE HOUSE with the owner

  • Full PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION at WOODCHESTER MANSION with refreshments (8pm - 1am) 

all for just


per person



Your safety and enjoyment is paramount.

HD Paranormal Events and Ghostly Getaways are organised and co-ordinated by a team of trained professionals with over 20 years experience. 

Your team leaders are qualified emergency first aiders, and trained fire marshalls and will be present at all times.




Places are strictly limited

Price is based on 2 people sharing a double/twin room

Single rooms are subject to the hotels £30 supplement charge per night

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