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What to expect from our Events

At HD Paranormal we have 2 main priorities when it comes to our public events.

1. Making sure you're safe!

2. Making sure you have fun!

A typical evening with us begins with a tour of the building, where you will learn about its history and resident ghosts in order to really set the tone and get you in the mood for what's to follow. You can ask questions, take photographs etc at any point however if you intend to upload photos to social media please ensure you have the permission of anyone who happens to be in the photo!


You will then be divided into smaller teams in order to stake out some of the paranormal hotspots around the building. The teams will rotate giving everyone the opportunity to experience each and every area of interest during the first half of the evening.


You will be able to take part in controlled contact experiments such as séances, table-tipping, divination, 'sit and wait' vigils and Ouija; all of which have produced some amazing results on our events in the past! You will also see our fantastic ghost hunting equipment being demonstrated and have the opportunity to use some pieces yourself. Wherever possible, those brave enough will have the opportunity to take part in lone vigils, and at venues where we allow some 'free time' guests can either choose to revisit a specific hot-spot with a member of staff, or can roam and do their own mini vigils.

At all other times you will be under the guidance and care of our experienced team of mediums and investigators.

There will be demonstrations of mediumship throughout the evening and our events usually culminate with a victorian style candlelit seance.

We always allow time for refreshments and will provide free tea, coffee and cake. 

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Event T's & C's

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