Emma Lloyd

Events Support & Assistant Producer

Emma is also Co-Director of a very exciting new project due to launch in 2020!

Emma's interest in local history and her love of research and media production led her to join the team at HD Paranormal.

As Assistant Producer on all independent productions Emmas ability to quickly source locations, contributors and stellar initiative makes her invaluable to the team, whether on location rallying the troops or glued to her screen researching. 

Holding a lifelong fascination with the supernatural and unexplained events Emma is interested in discovering the truth and explanation behind them.  Her curiosity began after her father kindled her interest providing her with The Pan Books of Horror as a child.  


Having members of her family and herself personally having had many unexplained experiences Emma now has a particular interest in precognition and the role of science, known and unknown in explanation.

In her spare time Emma enjoys walking, reading, music, gardening, photography, researching local history, alternative and independent media.


Emma describes herself as a unique geek with an open mind.


PLACE MOST LIKE TO VISIT: 112 Ocean Avenue aka Amityville


Jack Bowen


Jack is an invaluable member of the media production team keeping our finger on the pulse of the social media beast!

Jack is a Media and Film production graduate and musician from Cambridgeshire.
Jack enjoys the creative process and has directed several short films.

He has also been the camera operator for documentaries on the Spiritual World and Boy Soldiers. Jack has also created musical scores for these projects. 
Jack has previously worked in the field of social media marketing and hopes to use this knowledge to benefit the Afterlife production!
Jack has a love of all creative arts and is also working on his own film at the moment!