Dudley Castle Ghost Hunt

Sat 28th March 2020

8pm - 2am




Dudley Castle is regarded as one of the most haunted castles in the world, and perhaps the most haunted in England. There are many spirits that have been reported here over the centuries.


Perhaps the most famous of all is the Grey Lady, believed to be the spirit of Dorothy Beaumont.

She was the wife of John Beaumont, Commander of the castle duding the English Civil War and lived in the castle for a time where she gave birth to a daughter, Frances. Unfortunately, Frances didn't live more than a few months and various complications led to Dorothy’s death shortly after. Frances was buried in nearby St Edmunds Churchyard, however the church itself was destroyed by the Royalists to prevent it becoming a Parlimentarian outlook, and so when Dorothys time came, she was buried elsewhere. As a result of this it is believed that she roams the castle looking for her baby daughter. 

The ghost of Dorothy can often be seen near the Castle Keep and has even been photographed coming down an old staircase!

SO frequent are the sightings of her, that the tavern has been named 'The Grey Lady Tavern'

The Chapel Undercroft

The most haunted area of the castle is thought to be the chapel undercroft. In one of the ancient rooms, there is a stone coffin, that is believed to have once held the body of one of the most castle’s most feared Lords, John Somery. Over the years there has been a very unusual ghost sighting near this coffin...a pair of legs believed to be that of John himself! Other reports include people having the feeling of their clothes being tugged at, and their bodies prodded or grabbed suddenly. On one particular occasion during a paranormal investigation a chair was turned over by an unseen force in front of everyone. There have been multiple reports of poltergeist activity along with peculiar sounds, similar to grinding. Shadow figures have also been seen and caught on camera. 

The Little Drummer Boy

Another of Dudley Castles well known ghosts is that of a little drummer boy who was killed in a skirmish that took place during the English Civil War. He was shot and killed by a single musket ball. His eerie drumming can still be heard and it is said that if he is seen it is a sure omen of death. 

dare you go in search of the ghosts of this 900 year old castle?

Explore this paranormal favourite with

'Help! My House is Haunted'

Presenter and Investigator 

Jayne Harris 



per person

Your evening will include:

  • Welcome briefing and orientation with Jayne

  • Access to most active areas

  • Use of ghost hunting gadgets, spirit boards etc

  • Psychic Medium present throughout

  • Free time to explore on your own

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