Course fees explained

In academic terms, any qualification of quality will have a fee associated with it which should reflect not only the quality of the qualification but also the commitment and professionalism of each intended learner.

On this page we will explain the reasons for the costing attached to our Applied Paranormal Research Online Course.

The average cost of a professional diploma in the UK is £595, and not all have been accredited!

We have worked very hard to keep the costs down for potential candidates by writing, creating and delivering our Diploma course in-house under the guidance of the CPD (Continued Professional Development Service). 

In line with college or university courses, you will have access to 121 tutor support throughout your learning journey, as well as all related administration and certification fees and a FREE copy of the Paranormal Investigators Journal...all for £59!

Please Note:

Once access to your course has been provided there are no refunds as course materials and content have been received.

This is to protect our intellectual property and ensure no fraudulent attempts at copyright are made.

Any further questions can be directed to course tutor Jayne Harris on