Andy Moore

Psychic Artist & Medium


Craig was lucky enough (or unlucky enough!) to have lived in a haunted house as a child.

The numerous events which took place created a catalyst for his lifelong interest and passion for the paranormal despite, in his words "becoming an adult getting in the way!". 


After studying and gaining a degree in History, Craig chased his dreams of working in the Historical sector

however in a plot twist Craig found himself studying Engineering and once qualified joined Jaguar Landrover as a Technician. 

Craig now uses his technical abilities to design and build his own kit at home including bespoke (and very effective!) ITC equipment.

ITC is a particular area of interest for Craig since he discovered he was Clairaudient during an investigation in 2009. Upon hearing the voices of spirit in real time (DVP - Direct Voice Phenomena) Craig was determined to build devices that enabled others to also hear and now considers it a privilege to hear amazing responses alongside excited guests.


Craigs love of history remains, with a particular focus on British military history - as his bookcases can attest to!

He's very proud to be part of The Arnhem Boys who keep the memories of our heroes alive, the veterans of the battle for this now infamous bridge.  



 The Butchers Shop at Blists Hill museum in Ironbridge.



Craig can remember specific dates of battles from hundreds of years ago, but can’t remember what he had for tea last night!